The Inevitable (1)

These days, everyone is scared – whether one admits it or not. Scared of the present – and of the future. This fear is highly unhealthy (to put it mildly); hence, it must be radically reduced (otherwise the consequences would be catastrophic). And the only way to radically reduce it is to know for sure what our future will look like (any certainty is much, much better than a complete uncertainty).

At this moment, it is already crystal clear that (1) our world will change; (2) it will radically change; (3) this radical change is inevitable; and, therefore, (4) the only sensible thing to do is to accept and assist this radical change to the best of our abilities.

To accurately forecast these radical changes, we first must understand what we are dealing with – in other words, what exactly all this COVID thing is.  

COVID-19 pandemic is a natural disaster. Of the same category as a volcano. Earthquake. Tornado. Hurricane. Tsunami. Well… almost of the same category. “Almost” because it is a tool of Mother Nature that the latter uses to control the size and (which is far more important) composition of a “human herd” (yes, Mother Nature views us as just another animal species).

Mother Nature believes that there are too many old and weak individuals in a “human herd”; consequently, COVID-19 will go away only after it takes its toll – i.e. kills a certain predefined number of human beings (different for each nation, country, etc.).

And there is nothing, absolutely nothing humans and their governments can do about that – in other words, while we can (and should) care for those who got sick with COVID, we CAN NOT protect anyone from it – no matter what we do.

No “countermeasure” is 100% efficient (actually, there is solid evidence that all these lockdowns, social distancing, masks, etc. are completely useless) and the lethality of COVID (deaths as a % of infected) is well below 1%; consequently, even the vaccine that boasts 95% efficiency (which is highly doubtful in a real world – outside the lab) can not and will not lower the death toll.

Consequently, it is only fair to repeat what Dr. Ian Malcolm said in a global bestseller “Jurassic Park” (the first one): “Life will find the way”. In this case, COVID-19 will find a way around all government countermeasures to kill exactly the same number of humans that it would have killed had they not been implemented. Making these “countermeasures” totally and completely useless.

Abraham Lincoln – one of the greatest presidents of the USA – once said: “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you CAN NOT fool all the people all the time”.

In this case, it means that rather sooner than later (in fact, in a very near future) a “critical mass” of the Western population will learn and accept the painful truth about the whole COVID disaster. And – what is far more important – will act on this truth. And act decisively – and highly destructively (at least initially).

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