COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (5)

There were many reasons why the liberal Western governments did what they did – instead of what had to be done (with the notable exception of Sweden – although this nation fell far short of the “optimal COVID response”).

The first one was (surprise, surprise) their sheer incompetence in these matters. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear. Instead of “outsourcing” the whole thing to the only professionals capable of handling the crisis in the right way (i.e. the military), they decided to do it themselves… with predictably devastating consequences.

And, of course, they were too possessed with the “demon of pride” (the deadliest of the most deadly) sins. Which prevented them from acknowledging and accepting their incompetence in “COVID matters” – and from handing the whole things to the military (the only professionals capable of handling this crisis).

The second (related) problem is that they listened to incompetent experts. Instead of asking the military experts, they turned to civilians – who have neither training, nor the resources for handling the biological attack (and that’s exactly what was – and is – happening).

These two problems stem from the same root – the liberal governments incorrectly perceived the “COVID crisis” as some kind of a “pandemic”, although for all practical purposes it was a bioattack (only perpetrated by Mother Nature). This highly incorrect perception has the same explanation – dire incompetence (alas, a common trait among liberal politicians and government officials).

The next reason was individualism – a fundamental (and ultimately fatal) flaw of liberal ideology. Which made liberal Western government choose exactly wrong objective – saving individual lives (instead of the whole system – the whole society, nation, state and country).

Consequently, they had a grossly incorrect perception of a genuine threat. Which was not the virus itself (its mortality rate is roughly .06% – five times lower than that of a “regular” flu), but a widespread panic. This incorrect perception made liberal governments make colossal (and ultimately suicidal) blunders.

Probably (IMHO, definitely) their worst blunder was to allow this panic to take hold of just about the whole society. Because being obsessed (I would say, possessed) with the idol of “freedom of the press”, they did not impose strict censorship on the media – allowing the latter to spread the panic completely unabated (and suffering no consequences for this genuine and monstrous crime against humanity).

Still another very important reason (possibly the most important one) was that either none of them read “Jurassic Park” (a best-selling science fiction novel by Michael Crichton – a certifiable genius) or – much more likely – neither understood it properly nor applied it correctly to the “COVID-situation”.

There are two key messages in this book (IMHO, one of the most valuable books ever written). First, you can not ignore (let alone subdue) the fundamental Laws of Nature – they will ALWAYS “strike back” and destroy whatever you try to achieve (or build). Men are not gods and pride (i.e. belief that one can do with Nature whatever one pleases) is, indeed, a very much deadly sin.

The second message is very simple: “Life will find a way”. In the case of a “COVID bioattack”, the virus will always find a way to infect and kill all victim it was programmed to kill. No matter what you do. Which automatically makes all “lockdowns, masks, gloves, “social distancing” and all other protective measures totally and utterly useless.

The next reason was both political and emotional. For both reasons, it is far more comfortable to tell your constituents a sweet lie than the hard truth. The hard truth was that the government CAN NOT protect its constituents from being infected by COVID – no matter what it does; that a certain number of them WILL die regardless of what the government does; that neither efficient vaccine nor cure can be developed in the foreseeable future (possibly never); that the government and the whole system MUST put interests of the society before the interests (and even lives) of some individuals; and that any restrictions will inevitably make thigs much worse, not better – and possibly even suicidal for the whole society.

The sweet lie was that the government can save just about anybody if it introduces draconian restrictions (lockdowns, social distancing, etc.) for a few short months – and lighter restrictions (mandatory wearing of masks and gloves) for a few more months – and then both the vaccine and the cure will become available (and thus will do away with the “COVID pandemic”).

The liberal governments (with the notable exception of Sweden) obviously chose the sweet lies, of course (sweet relatively to the hard truth, of course). No surprise here, especially given the enormous pressure by mass media.

Which had its own – and very ulterior – motives. It is a well-established (but surprisingly little-acknowledged) fact that the Western media are not interested in finding and spreading the truth. None it all.

They are all businesses – and thus are interested only in making money. Period. And the best money-making tools in modern world are (surprise, surprise) the so-called “3S”: Sex, Scandal and Scare.

And the last one sells far better than other two combined. Hence it is no surprise that all mass media – whether controlled by liberals or conservatives – are interested in maximizing the corona-panic and corona-hysteria.

The same is true for bloggers and for social media animals. Actually, it were the latter that made probably the decisive contribution to the “pandemic of corona-psychosis”.

Consequently, the liberal governments got so consumed by panic, that they started to make not only horrible, but genuinely suicidal blunders. This is another reason why handling of COVID crisis should have been handed over to the military from Day One – the military are trained to never, ever become the victims of panic (as it is a surefire way to lose the battle – and the whole war).

And the blunders were genuinely disastrous, murderous and ultimately suicidal.

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