COVID-19 disaster and the Black Sun Revolution (4)

Before we begin analyzing what the liberal governments did (and why), we must (at least briefly) specify what they should have done – and why.

First, the government had to recognize that the nation was de-facto under a biological attack; and that the civilian health care system does not have the resources (or competencies) to deal with this crisis.

Consequently, the response had to be a military operation and all operational control MUST be handed over to the military. In practical terms, it meant that the government had no other choice but to declare a nationwide state of emergency (for the time being, in general terms).

Second, the government had to put together a Joint (military-civilian that is) Crisis Response Team (CRT). Led by the military, of course – as I have already noted, it had to be a military operation.

The first action of CRT should have been (obviously) a thorough assessment of the situation. Which automatically required soliciting (and listening to) all opinions – even “conspiracy theorists” (if you are paranoid, it does not mean that no one is after you – some might very well be).

Then the CRT had to, yes, inform the population. Telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing by the truth (the population will accept any truth – no matter how hard it is).

Which in this case means that (1) there is no way to protect the population – the virus will take its toll no matter what the authorities do; (2) consequently, there is no way to restrict the virus-generated demand for health care – you can only increase the supply; (3) any restrictions will make things worse, not better – and thus wiould be genuinely suicidal; (4) for over 90% of the population the virus is harmless – the infected will either have no symptoms at all (over 80% of the population) or only mild symptoms (over 10%) – this data were provided by the Chinese by the beginning of the outbreak in the West; (5) there is no cure and no vaccine – and there will never be as the virus is far too mutable; and (6) consequently, the virus will go away only after the so-called “herd immunity” is achieved – and obviously, the faster it is achieved, the better.

As neither cure nor vaccine is available (or will be ever available – the virus is far too mutable), the only way for an individual to defeat the virus is with his or her immune system.

Consequently, the CRT (which would assume all authority in virus-related matters) had to mobilize all available resources (and create new ones from scratch when necessary) to produce and distribute immune system boosters in sufficient quantities for the whole population. And encourage – not ban – sports, health and fitness activities both in the open air and in the gyms, swimming pools and the like.

Consequently, all subsequent activities MUST be focused on helping the 10% that need medical help. First, even if someone is destined by Mother Nature to die, he or she still can – and must – be helped.

Second, the government must make sure that there is no excessive mortality – i.e. save those that can be saved (which means that it must try to help everyone who gets sick). It must not try to protect anyone (it is impossible), but it must try to save everyone (although in the end not everyone will be saved, of course).

Hence, the military had to (1) requisitioned sufficient facilities for the necessary number of makeshift (ad-hoc) military hospitals; (2) mobilize sufficient resources for manufacturing and distributing the necessary drugs and equipment; (3) draft sufficient medical personnel into armed forces; and (4) train sufficient number of “ad-hoc nurses” (knowledge and skills required for caring COVID patients can be acquired in a matter of days – proven my innumerable volunteers).

Oh, and, of course, the CRT had to impose ruthless and brutal censorship on all media (including blogs and social networks, of course). No one will be permitted to publish anything COVID-related that could even remotely cause panic.

Violators would be arrested and confined to detention camp (and subsequently tried for violating the Law on State Emergency which permits such detentions). The rationale for this censorship is plain in simple – in this debacle we really have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Because even if the virus kills 5% of the population (in reality it will kill 10-20 times less), it will not destroy the society. But the panic (and panic-generated suicidal measures) will. Inevitably will.

And then just wait for the “herd immunity” to do its job (estimates are that it would take anywhere from one to three months). Which would have brought a fast and easy end to COVID-19 epidemic. Avoiding disaster (let alone collapse of the whole liberal world).

Unfortunately, the liberals did something radically different – with devastating results.

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