The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (16)

Management of the “world outside the Western Civilization” by The Black Sun Society will (for all practical purposes) constitute the “New Colonialism”. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Contrary to a very popular misconception (created by blatant liberal lies), the “old colonialism” was a mutually beneficial arrangement between colonial powers and their colonies.

True, the former received from the latter foodstuffs and raw materials for their economies, but in return they essentially civilized the latter, creating the infrastructure of the modern civilization – schools, colleges, factories, roads, hospitals, whole legal, education and health care systems, etc., etc.

The “New Colonialism” will use essentially the same paradigm. First, it will become evident that due to utilization of vastly superior technologies (supported by the spiritual power of the “Wewelsburg channel”, runic magic, etc.), Western organizations and individuals (transformed into Übermenschen) will always be radically superior to their non-Western counterparts.

Consequently, the Western Civilization will be always superior to any other in all its components – political, economic, cultural, military, scientific, technological – and, yes, managerial. Just as it was during the “colonial times”.

Hence, it will enforce – one way or the other – a mutually beneficial cooperation between the “new colonial power” and “new colonies”. The former will provide the latter with its management and information technologies (i.e., access to Corporate Objects Management System) – limited, of course (these technologies will not be allowed to be exported to non-Western nations) and on an outsourcing basis (in other words, they will be run by professionals).

But still these technologies will radically improve the efficiency of non-Western organizations (although not nearly radically enough to successfully compete with Western ones) – and thus no less radically increase the living standards of their population.

In return, the Western Civilization will require access to the natural resources of its “new colonies” thus solving the “Lebensraum problem” (these days no one is going to send troops to conquer, occupy and colonize it).

It will also make “the best and the brightest” (i.e. the most valuable human capital) to work for the Western Civilization – either locally or on the Western territory. The latter option, obviously, will be available only to “transcultural” individuals willing and able to become completely Westernized.

Obviously, these days the “Generalplan Ost” – style enslavement of “colonized” nations is out of the question; instead, it will be replaced with “golden cages” and “golden handcuffs”.

As for “excessive population” of “new colonies” is concerned, no one will even think about anything like the reincarnation of “Aktion T4” involuntary euthanasia program (let alone of “Operation Reinhard” death camps).

In reality, one of conditions of this mega-deal would be draconian population control polices (Chinese-style). And the deployment of new technologies (including into the health care and education systems) will ensure that just about anyone in these “new colonies” will not have to worry about being “insufficiently productive”.

This deal will (obviously) automatically achieve objectives #2 (its “world outside” part); #4 and #5 of The Black Sun Society; in other words now all its objectives would be achieved.

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