The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (15)

Now let’s look closely at The Black Sun objective #2.  In practical terms, it means that The Black Sun wants to manage (via Die Neue SS, of course) Germany, Europe (i.e., the European Union), the whole Western Civilization and ultimately the whole world. Directly or (more likely), indirectly; explicitly (openly) or implicitly (in secret – “from the shadows”).

Which immediately raises another question that must be answered before we can proceed to evaluating the probability of achieving objective #2: What exactly does it mean to control/manage Germany? Europe? The Western Civilization? The whole world?

The first step in managing anything is to identify your fundamental objective. One fundamental objective – because management ALWAYS boils down to one and only one core objective.

Management of any individuals (yes, individuals need to be managed as well), organization (commercial, government, non-profit, etc.), territory (village, town, city, district, region, state/province, nation/country, union, etc.) boils down to but one objective – happiness.

Genuine happiness. Not “human rights”, not “democracy”, not “the rule of law”, not “equality” (of any kind) – but only genuine happiness. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

In other words, the fundamental objective of managing a single individual or a group of individuals (i.e. the population of a city) is to make them genuinely happy. Which, by definition, means helping them identify and satisfy their genuine aggregate needs (which are very much finite – unlike wants and desires which are not). Financial, functional, emotional and spiritual.

Which (again by definition) means helping “all of the above” generate and consume the maximum possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual. I give, I receive; I receive, I give – in perfect balance.

You can only (obviously) manage what you can measure and (no less obviously) you can only measure what you can see. Hence, The Black Sun Society (and Die Neue SS, of course) must create (1) a comprehensive map/database of all “objects under management” – organizations, cities, states, etc.; and (2) a comprehensive system of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) for each object.

Then they must collect (and properly structure, of course) all knowledge (information that has value – financial or functional) about objects under management – to understand the current situation (“AS IS”). In each organization, city, state, country, etc.

After that, they must set up specific objectives (specified in terms of KPI values). Objectives which, when achieved, will maximize genuine happiness of the constituents of the appropriate objects.

It must be noted that these objectives must be set up according to the (inevitably) omnipresent Führerprinzip; in other words, only for the “highest-level objects” (i.e., nations). The CEO (Führer, if you will) of each of these objects will set objectives for the lower-level structures.

Then they must design (and implement) structures (i.e. organization charts), processes and projects that will facilitate achievement of these objectives (including, obviously, personnel – managers and professionals).

As well as the maximum synergy between objects, processes and projects in the system under management. And, of course, radically improve the efficiency of utilization of resources – financial, natural, human, etc. – at the disposal of the object in question.

And, finally, all “object managers” and professionals must receive the tools (mostly e-tools, of course) that they would need to achieve the objectives (i.e. the KPI values) in their responsibility areas.

In particular, Corporate Cockpit – an electronic (visual) tool that will give every manager and professional access to all knowledge and tools that he or she needs to maximize performance in his/her responsibility areas.

Can it be done? Of course, it can. The fundamentals of the software in question (COMS – Comprehensive Objects Management System) has already been designed and I have no doubt that the software itself either has already been developed by The Black Sun Society (most likely, by the Special Projects Unit of Die Neue SS) – or will be developed in a very near future.

COMS will be deployed… just about everywhere and then tightly integrated into a seamless electronic environment. Which will make it possible to manage (via this system) the whole Western Civilization from a single location.

From Berlin (I find it highly doubtful that the capital of Germany would be ever renamed Welthaupstadt Germania). And no, they will not need to erect a colossal Volkshalle for that (though they might want to do that for a different purpose) – the Reichstag/Bundestag building will do nicely.

However, managing the “world outside the Western Civilization” will (obviously) be a different matter entirely.

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