The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (14)

The easiest one is, obviously, #7. The Black Sun society will (no less obviously) radically change its objectives because the Christian roots of the Western Civilization run far too deep to be severed without a complete destruction of the whole civilization.

Besides, The Black Sun Society and the Christian Church have common (and mortal) enemies: Islam and liberalism. Consequently, they are “in the same trench” and thus have to fight not each other, but a common enemy (so must the Jews and Die Neue SS, by the way).

Therefore, the new objective #6 will be two-fold: (a) radically increase the spiritual power of the Christian Church – in other words, the power of the “divine energy channel” managed by the Church; and (b) build a parallel “Church” of a neo-pagan religion. The former, obviously, will be centered and headquartered in Vatican City and the latter – in the Wewelsburg Castle (after all, both are located in Earth Chakras).

To achieve the first sub-objective, The Black Sun Society will have to (a) radically reengineer the Christian Church (first and foremost, the Holy Roman Catholic Church) using tools, technologies and professionals that successfully did the same for organizations and the whole nations; (b) deploy the state-of-the-art management and information technologies in the Church – which, after all, is an organizations; and (c) make the Church focus on providing the vital energies and saving human souls.

By the way, it wouldn’t be for the first time in Church history that the secular power stepped in and fixed its problems (including even some sort of reengineering). Just ask Henry VIII, for example.

Achieving the second objective is much easier, actually. Ultimately, Die Neue SS will be the only “incubator” of Western elites – political, government, business, military, etc. Exactly the way it was originally planned by Heinrich Himmler (de-factor founder of the SS as we know it).

Which means that the whole Western elite will consist of members of Die Neue SS. And as the latter will be tightly integrated with (now all but overt) The Black Sun Society, everyone in the Western elite will be (rather sooner than later) convinced to convert to “The Black Sun religion” (he or she will not have to leave the Christian Church, of course). Which automatically will make this neo-pagan religion the de-facto state religion of the Western Civilization.

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