The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (13)

Now the trillion-euro (literally) question is: can The Black Sun Society really pull it off? In other words, can it achieve its very ambitious (to put it mildly) objectives today, in our modern world?

To answer this question, we must review (again) the “7-point program” of The Black Sun Society (this time adapted to modern realities):

  1. 1.       Make Germany, the Western Civilization and the White (Aryan) Race the dominant power in our world (the human civilization) in all aspects – financial, economic, military, cultural, scientific, technological, etc.
  2. In other words, make our world run (managed) from Germany – i.e. from Berlin (Welthaupstadt Germania)
  3. Transform the German people (and possibly other “Aryan nations”) into the genuine Übermenschen
  4. Acquire control over sufficient amount of natural resources – first and foremost, land (Lebensraum) – to make Germany and the whole Western civilization self-sufficient in foodstuffs and key raw materials
  5. Enslave the conquered nations and physically annihilate its “unproductive” population (i.e. the ones that has negative financial and functional value)
  6. Win the existential war with Islam (the “external one”) and liberalism – the “internal one” (yes, liberalism IS the genuinely existential threat to Western and human civilization)
  7. Make German neo-paganism the de-facto official state religion of “New Germany” (“New German Reich”) relegating Christianity to a distant background (ideally to the dustbin of history)

I have already covered #1 – it will be achieved by essentially forcing all Western organizations – commercial, government, non-profit, etc. – to (1) perform radical reengineering; and (2) deploy the most efficient management and information technologies.

And #3 as well – it will be achieved by (1) creating sufficient inceptives for Westerners to perform “personal reengineering”; and (2) providing them with sufficient guidance and other resources to successfully perform this all-important project.

#6 is also crystal clear (at least the “Islam” part): it will be achieved by (1) closing the borders to Muslim “refugees” and other immigrants (using lethal force when necessary); and (2) legally recognizing Islam – by the decision of the Supreme or Constitutional court – for what it is (a subversive, destructive and imperialist political ideology that is an existential threat to the Western Civilization).

And by subsequently passing laws that will guarantee the protection of the latter from this genuinely existential threat.

Obviously, to make #1, #3, and #6 happen, The Black Sun Society (more precisely, Die Neue SS) must first obtain the essentially dictatorial power in the Western Civilization (which all but automatically will take care of the “liberalism” part of #6). As I will prove later (IMHO, beyond the reasonable doubt), it is very much possible.

Achieving all other objectives will be quite a bit more difficult.

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