The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (12)

I have already stated (a bit earlier) that humankind faces the choice not between being dominated by the Western Civilization and “harmony of civilizations” but between such domination and total chaos (no, China can not dominate the world – it is way too unique and does not have the necessary resources).

“Hot” colonial wars are out of the question (thank God) so the only way for the Western Civilization to dominate the world is with financial, economic, political, cultural, technological, scientific – and, yes, managerial superiority.

Which means that (1) all its organizations – businesses, government entities, non-profits, academia, etc. – must be far more efficient than organizations of other civilizations; and (2) its human capital – i.e. its citizens – must be far more efficient than citizens of other civilizations. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

In practical terms it means that to retain its dominant position in our world (which is increasingly under attack from other civilizations), the Western Civilization must transform its citizens into genuine Übermenschen (of both sexes) and its organizations – into Über-organizations. At least in relative terms (to the ones in rival organizations).

Both objectives are very much achievable as study after study shows that both individuals and organizations operate at 10-15% of their maximum performance – and so do individuals.

To radically increase the performance and efficiency of an organization (of any kind) is via (1) its radical reengineering; and (2) deployment of the most efficient management and information technologies (the latter should be called “knowledge management technologies”).

The problem is that the overwhelming majority of CEOs of businesses, government entities (especially these) are way too lazy (and sloth is a very much deadly organizational sin) and risk-averse to perform a genuinely radical reengineering on their organizations.

Consequently, they must be… convinced to do that by the government. The latter, obviously, must provide them with the necessary tools, technologies and professionals (i.e., management and information technology consultants).

And, of course, make sure that this radical reengineering of actually the whole national economy does not make it radically less competitive (we already have more than enough problems with Amazon, Google, Facebook and other de-facto monopolies).

This (absolutely necessary) feat is totally impossible for liberal democracies as it requires doing away with their cherished idol of “free market” (free from such a serious government intervention that is).

Even the Chinese can not do that; the only nation that did something like that (and to great effect) were the Japanese (in the 1960s and 70s). Only the “neo-national-socialism” can – after all, its predecessors reengineered the German economy in 1933-38 (and very successfully).

Ditto for transforming Westerners into the “civilization of Übermenschen” (which, incidentally, is one of the seven key objectives of The Black Sun Society and Die Neue SS).

There are tools and technologies to do that (known to humankind for millennia) so the only thing that is needed, is Will. More specifically, desire, determination, discipline, dare and some not-necessarily divine guidance from professionals.

Nazi Germany (and the “original SS”, of course) were to my knowledge the only entities that seriously tried to accomplish this highly noble objective: transform the whole nation (Germans) into the Übermenschen.

Unfortunately, they used tools (eugenics) that not only did not work, but had literally mass-murderous side effects (e.g. Aktion T4). Eugenics did not work for two simple reasons: (1) every human being has not one body, but seven – one tangible/physical and six intangible/spiritual with the latter controlling the former, not vice versa; and (2) you can reengineer a human being only in a “top-down way” – i.e. starting with spiritual, intangible bodies.

Consequently, to achieve this highly noble objective, one must use very different tools (different from eugenics that is): Tai-Chi, Qigong, Yoga (first and foremost, mudra-yoga and kundalini-yoga), etc. Magic (i.e. runic magic) is also a very powerful tool – if used properly, of course.

Why didn’t the Nazis used these “human reengineering” technologies? Because they were way too obsessed with their eugenic and other “racial theories”. These theories clouded their judgement (i.e. hearts, minds and souls) so much that created the “tunnel vision”. So they simply did not listen to the members of The Black Sun Society who tried to show them the “errors of their ways”.

Die Neue SS are under a full and complete control over The Black Sun Society (since 1945, in fact). Consequently, this time they will use the right tools for the job – and will (finally) make it happen.

Obviously, you can not force all your constituents undergo a radical reengineering – now government will ever have that much power in real life. However, it can provide sufficient incentives/drive to do it (including, but not limited to, a skillful propaganda).

Which is definitely impossible for liberals – they are too obsessed (I would even say possessed) with the idol of “human rights and freedoms”. As usual, liberals completely confuse the end with the means.

In reality, every human being has but one unalienable right – to be genuinely happy. Which requires not only consuming (by satisfying one’s genuine aggregate needs), but also generating the maximum possible amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual for one’s stakeholders (neighbors).

Which can be done only when then individual in question operates at the maximum possible performance – i.e. when one becomes a genuine Übermensch (or Über-Frau).

Liberal democracies can not make this transformation happen (in other words, they can not make their constituents genuinely happy); consequently, it can be done only by neo-Ordensstaat. And it will be done – after all, by 1938, Adolf Hitler did make Germans the genuinely happiest nation in Europe – if not in the whole world…

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