The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (7)

Another component of a multi-faceted threat to the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization is somewhat related to a previous one. It is an existential threat to Western cultures (the Western Culture in general and cultures of individual nations and states in particular).

The culture is like a glue that binds together all components of both an individual and the nation (and the state, of course). If you take away this glue (i.e. the culture of an individual or a common culture of the nation), the individual and the nation in question will inevitably fall apart. In the latter case, the territory in question will get transformed into a very real Hell on Earth.

To protect itself from this genuinely existential threat, the government in question must “program” the common culture into hearts, minds and souls using whatever means necessary (including passing and enforcing the Cultural Security Act).

Ultimately, the common culture MUST be synonymous with citizenship; in other words, every citizen of the country in question MUST be indoctrinated in the corresponding culture (i.e., either accept it – or lose one’s citizenship). And, of course, no one could be awarded the citizenship without a confirmed cultural indoctrination (confirmed by the “cultural test”, of course).

Neo-national-socialism can do the job (because that’s exactly what the “original” national-socialism was doing for decades), but for a “liberal democracy”, protecting the culture of a Western nation is impossible.

For a very simple reason – it would require doing away with cherished “multiculturalism” which proclaims the equality and equal value of all cultures – and the right of every citizen to be of any culture he/she chooses.

This is a ton of bull (pardon my French), because only the “native culture” is not just valuable, but critically important for the nation – as only this culture is the “glue” that holds both individual citizens and the whole nation together.

And, of course, not all cultures are equally valuable. Two irrefutable facts prove beyond the reasonable doubt that (1) the cultures differ by the amount of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – they create for the human civilization – i.e., by its contribution to humanity; and (2) by this criterion, Western Culture is the most valuable by far.

The core of each culture are (obviously) its roots – historical, religious, etc. And this is where The Black Sun had to significantly (I would even say radically) change its beliefs and its objectives.

Because the roots of the Western Civilization are fundamentally Christian – you take away Christianity and the whole civilization will fall apart. Hence, The Black Sun Society will have no other choice but to somehow blend their (German pagan) beliefs with Christianity – and treat the latter as a highly valuable and vitally important ally, not an enemy.

Which is not that difficult, actually as “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (or at least an ally). And paganism and Christianity have one sworn (and even existential) enemy – liberalism.

Although the latter gives a lip service to “equality of all religions” and its respect for all of them, the reality is fundamentally different. In reality, liberalism is fundamentally incompatible with any religion – as any religious faith is not compatible with secularism, relativism, consumerism, materialism and other pillars of liberalism.

Consequently, it is “either-or” situation: either the religions destroy liberalism – or liberalism annihilates religions. However, religions are vitally important for mankind while liberalism definitely is not.

Religions establish and maintain “divine energy channels” which are as important for human life (and for human civilization) as air, food or water. Hence, a simple (but extremely powerful) survival instinct of a human civilization will make sure that it will be liberalism – not religions – that will be sent to the dustbin of history.

However, it is also a well-established fact that Christianity (the foundation of the Western Civilization) has all but lost its power as the “keeper” of the abovementioned channel (to put it simply, got transformed from the Church into a charity).

Hence, The Black Sun Society and its agents will have no other choice but to bring the Christian church back to its primary (actually, the only) Mission – providing our civilization with salvific spiritual energies of Divine Grace (Holy Spirit). And saving human lives (from Hell that is), of course.

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