The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (5)

The next component of a multi-faceted existential threat to human civilization is no less profound, albeit far less evident. It is the whole political and government system of modern Western nations – the famous “separation of powers” into representative (legislative), executive and judicial.

This system was designed at least 300 years ago and for centuries did work. Not ideally, of course (no system does), but still better (in a long term) than any alternative system.

However, in the past 50 years or so (and especially in the last decade), our world changed so radically, that this system no longer works. It is way too slow, complex and cumbersome (and thus inefficient) to keep pace with our more and more fast-paced and chaotic world. The “COVID disaster” (more on that later) is a perfect example of this murderous (literally) inefficiency.

Besides, it is an open secret that this system is democracy in name only. In reality, only about half of the population goes to the polls (the other half correctly believes that it makes no difference whatsoever) and the government is formed by the parties (in many cases a coalition) that together get often less than 50% of the popular vote (thanks to the 5% or so “barrier to entry”).

Consequently, the government represents the interests of 20-25% of the population. This is not a democracy – not by a long shot (in democracy, the government represents the interests of over 50% of the population).

In reality, government does not work for its constituents – it works for itself. More precisely, government officials work for themselves (to obtain power, money, etc.). It is possible because “the people” have no operational control over its government. None whatsoever.

True, they can “vote out” the government that does not serve their interests, but it can be done only once in a few years (which makes for a very inefficient control mechanism, to put it mildly) and besides there is no guarantee that the “medicine” (i.e. the new government) would be better than the “disease” (i.e., the old one). For exactly the same reason – total absence of operational controls.

This gross inefficiency of the Western liberal government system is a genuinely existential threat to the Western Civilization because rather sooner than later the latter would be hit by a crisis that this system will be too inefficient to handle.

Actually, it already did – and the name of this crisis is COVID-19 disaster (more on that later). Which will inevitably lead to collapse of not only of the “liberal world”, but of the whole Western civilization (if the latter does not immediately do away with liberalism and replace it with the system capable of dealing with existential crises).

Such a system exists, of course – and is derived from the one used… by Adolf Hitler and the Nazis for management the internal affairs of Germany. Surprisingly (or, maybe not-so-surprisingly) know how the Third Reich (i.e. the Führerstaat really worked “on the inside”)… and why Reinhard Heydrich was the third most powerful individual in Nazi Germany.

Not because he was the head of Gestapo, of course (the power and importance of the Nazi secret police are grossly exaggerated). But because he was head of the SD (more precisely, Inland-SD) – domestic intelligence service of the Nazi Party and subsequently the Nazi state.

SD informants (and other agents) collected information on needs and desires of Germans, collated it into reports (thus performing rudimentary knowledge mining) and sent these reports to the appropriate government and party agencies. Which used these documents as the basis for developing and executing policies aimed at satisfying needs and desires of its constituents (i.e. the population of Nazi Germany).

The Nazi State (Führerstaat) was designed according to the omnipresent Führerprinzip. Which gave every manager full and complete (i.e., dictatorial) powers in his (in the Third Reich it was always a “he”) responsibility areas.

The officials did not have to worry about re-election as there were no elections in Nazi Germany. Every official answered only to his superior… which was (obviously) a major weakness of the whole system (alas, inevitable at that level of information technologies).

The Third Reich (and the SS – of which the SD was a key part) were essentially a brainchild of The Black Sun Society. Consequently, it is no surprise that we will see the reincarnation (of sorts) of the SD – both Inland (domestic) and Ausland (foreign).

Like its predecessor, Die Neue SD will collect and collate information on genuine needs of the constituents of the Western Civilization – only this time using Big Data and other state-of-the-art e-technologies.

However, these technologies (finally) allow to provide all Westerners with the tool to communicate their needs and desires (and ideas and proposals, of course) directly to the executive power – via the Web site which most likely will be called Direct Democracy Portal (DDP). Thus making “representative powers” (i.e., parliaments) redundant at all levels.

All government officials will be appointed top-down (Die Neue SS as the “new elite”) will take care of that. However, all government activities (projects, processes, functions, etc.) will be made completely transparent (vial the same portal) to the population (including the management selection process, of course).

Which will give the population – for the first time in human history – full and complete operational control over the activities of governments at all levels – from the smallest village to the EU (yes, the EU will continue to exist – albeit in a very different form). Including, of course, the power to recall every government official at every level (via an online referendum).

Which would automatically make the neo-Ordensstaat (or neo-Führerstaat, if you will) not a dictatorship (as some might fear) but a genuine direct electronic democracy. Actually, this idea has been around for decades… only no one viewed is as a reincarnation of the “original” Führerstaat (the Nazi state).

Today, the civil courts are not a solution – they are the problem, because they slow down all processes in the nation into a crawl and make decision-making a nightmare. Consequently, the judicial power (its civilian component, of course) will be drastically curtailed.

Although liberals “preach secularism”, so to speak and position themselves as totally and completely materialistic and non-religious; in reality liberalism is nothing but an idolatry, a unique neo-pagan quasi-religion that worships idols of “democracy”, “freedom”, “human rights” and, of course, “The Law” .

These are, indeed, idols because all these structures are supposed to serve people to make the latter genuinely happy. And liberals make the people serve these idols – which make the “liberal regime” genuinely totalitarian.

Thus the “neo-Ordensstaat” will constitute a return to common sense; making masters the masters and servants the servants (not the other way around as is the case in “liberal democracies” which are in reality not democracies at all).

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