The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (4)

The second component of current multi-faceted existential threat to Western (and thus human) civilization, is that the former “commits suicide by dying out”. In practical terms (and numbers), it means that fertility rates in just about all Western nations are below population replacement levels. Consequently, the Western nations are, indeed dying out – and will ultimately die out and be replaced by Muslims. Thus stealthily transforming the Western Civilization into a global Islamic caliphate.

The Black Sun Society believes (correctly) that national-socialism is the only major ideology that squarely focuses on procreation – i.e. maximizing fertility rates; and thus is capable of reversing this suicidal trend (albeit its family policy was not as successful as planned it was, still, far more successful than the ones adopted by the modern Western “liberal democracies”).

The latter simply can not save the Western Civilization from dying out, because to do so they will have to recognize the irrefutable psychological fact that a woman can be genuinely happy only in a “traditional” marriage (man-woman-children).

It will not hinder her career one bit – modern e-technologies make it possible to very efficiently and happily combine the two. Just ask Nancy Pelosi (the third most powerful individual in the USA and a happy mother of five kids) – and millions and millions of other women.

Liberals can not recognize (let alone accept) this fact because it would require (1) doing away with individualism and “classic” feminism; and (2) focusing the whole social system not on individuals, but on a traditional family, creating sufficient incentives for couples to (a) get legally married; and (b) produce at least three children (Heinrich Himmler required SS members to produce at least four).

Doing away with individualism and feminism would be tantamount to doing away with the whole liberal ideology – especially taking into account that neither homosexual families, nor transgenders will fit into this system.

The Black Sun Society firmly believes in the almighty survival instinct of the Western Civilization; consequently, it is completely confident that rather sooner than later the Social Singularity Event will serve as a Weckruf (wake-up call) for the Westerners to the reality of this suicidal process.

Which will make the latter do away with liberalism – and accept neo-national-socialism with all its attributes (including the neo-Ordensstaat). Not because the latter is an “ideal society” (it is not – far from that) – but because it is the only power capable of saving the Western Civilization from “suicide by dying out” – and other existential threats.

In other words, do exactly what Germans did in 1933. Which would not be a big surprise actually as many analysts rightfully call the modern-day Western Civilization “one Giant Weimar Republic”…

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