The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (3)

To achieve its objectives, The Black Sun Society must establish full control over the whole Western Civilization. And there was only one way to do it – the way that already worked once – in 1933.

At that time most Germans were not Nazi supporters and the idea of losing a lot of their rights and freedoms (speech, political activity, press, gatherings, etc.) did not exactly appeal to them.

Still, a few short months later the overwhelming majority of Germans supported the Nazi regime (a few years later more than 95% did) and agreed to give up their freedoms – in exchange for (1) protecting them from the existential Bolshevist threat; and (2) making them radically happier (by 1938, Germany became the happiest nation in the world – if not in whole modern history).

By definition, an individual is happy when his or her genuine needs are satisfied (perceived wants/desires are unlimited and thus simply can not be satisfied – ever). Consequently, The Black Sun Society (and their new sibling – Die Neue SS) could take control over the Western civilization only when they (1) become the only force capable of protecting the letter from being destroyed by a genuinely existential threat; and (2) find a way to do what liberalism miserably failed to do – satisfy genuine needs of Westerners.

They had to wait for a long time – three quarters of a century; however, it was not a problem for them at all as prior to that they had to wait 1200 years or so for the first opportunity to come to absolute, dictatorial power in Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization (in that order).

Today – as it did a century ago – the Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) faces the genuinely existential threat (again). This time, it is a very different and much more complex (multifaceted) threat; however, it does possess certain similarities with the previous one.

The name of this similarity is Islam. It is rightfully called “the Green Bolshevism” because both political ideologies have the identical objective: conquer the whole world (the whole human civilization), destroy it as we know it and build upon its ruins a worldwide totalitarian state.

Bolsheviks wanted a global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics while Islam wants a global Islamic caliphate; Bolsheviks wanted to ultimately convert everyone to Bolshevism (convert or die); Muslims want to convert everyone to Islam (ditto).

Pagans would face this choice immediately – as will everyone else except Jews and Christians (the “people of the Book”) would be force to convert one day or the other one way or the other (see the history of former Christian lands invaded, occupied and conquered by Muslims). Which made Islam a genuinely existential enemy of decidedly pagan The Black Sun Society.

There is a very popular misconception that Islamic terrorism presents an existential threat to the Western Civilization. It doesn’t. True, it is a serious threat (one individual murdered or even injured by a terrorist of any kind is one too many) – but not an existential threat.

Islamic terrorists can kill dozens, hundreds or even thousands (e.g. on 9/11) but they do not have the power to bring down the Western civilization – let alone build a global Islamic caliphate.

Hence even radical Muslim fundamentalists who want both, do not support Islamic terrorists, correctly seeing them as doing far more harm than good to the “Islamic cause”. Neither does the overwhelming majority of Muslims – in reality, Islamic terrorists are outcasts in the Islamic community (much like Jewish terrorists were a hundred or so years ago).

Another popular misconception is that just about all Muslims are fundamentalist and radical “soldiers of Islam” tirelessly working to destroy the Western Civilization and to create the global Islamic caliphate by nonviolent means.

In reality, over 90% of Muslims are not different from non-Muslims – they have identical objectives and priorities (which have nothing to do with politics, let alone “Islamic revolution”).

Unfortunately, there is a critical mass of fanatics (“Islamic imperialists”) who are committed to destroying the human civilization as we know it and building on its ruins the global Islamic caliphate. And (no less unfortunately) they have sufficient emotional and spiritual power over “other Muslims” to make the latter work for their cause.

Using uncontrolled immigration of so-called “Muslim refugees” and the “wombs of Muslim women” (i.e. sky-high fertility rates) to gradually make Muslims a majority in every Western nations (in some cities and districts it already is).

And then to come to power using Western democratic system – and use this power (augmented by brutal force when necessary) to do away with “Western democracy” and creating an “Islamic caliphate” in its place. In other words, repeating what Adolf Hitler and the Nazis did almost a century ago – in 1933.

It is actually easy to prevent this from happening – by (1) shutting the borders to all Muslim refugees and other immigrants; (2) recognizing Islam for what it is – a subversive and destructive political ideology which represents and existential threat to Western civilization; and (3) treating Islam and Muslims accordingly.

Unfortunately, the liberal Western democracies are fundamentally incapable of saving themselves (and the whole Western civilization) from being destroyed by the “Islamic imperialists”.

For a very simple reason – to do what needs to be done they have to do away with fundamental liberal principles of “tolerance”, “relativism” and “multiculturalism” – which is tantamount to doing away with the whole liberal ideology.

Consequently, they are essentially “useful idiots” for the second time in their history. Only this time they are useful to Muslim, not Bolshevist invaders – 100 years ago Western governments essentially created the Soviet military-industrial colossus by supplying key tools and technologies (and the whole gigantic factories and other industrial enterprises) to the Bolshevist regime.

The Black Sun Society is confident that only it (and its siblings – the Vril Society and Die Neue SS) are the only power capable of saving Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from “Islamization”.

In other words, from being occupied, conquered and destroyed by “Green Bolsheviks” – and transformed into a global Islamic caliphate (which for them would be a genuine Hell on Earth). Given that The Black Sun Society and the “original SS” did save all of the above from being occupied, conquered and destroyed by the Bolsheviks, there is some serious truth to this belief.

They also believe that because the liberal democracies can not defend themselves (and the whole Western Civilization) from being destroyed by “Islamic imperialists”, they are fundamentally nonviable. In other words, doomed to extinction, to ending up in the dustbin of history.

Consequently, the Western Civilization does not have a choice between Islam and liberalism (Islamic caliphate and liberal democracies). The only choice it really has is the choice between “Eurabia” (in a broad sense) and the neo-Ordensstaat (the Fourth Reich, if you will).

Civilizations are living beings; consequently, like human beings, they have a survival instinct. A very powerful survival instinct. Therefore, The Black Sun Society has no doubt, no doubt at all that the Western Civilization will make the right choice. The salvific choice.

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