The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (19)

Did Adolf Hitler know that he was chosen, programmed, supported and, yes, used by the Thule Society? Of course he hid – as he was provided with the organization (DAP), money, training, mentoring, connections, key personnel… and even the newspaper – the (in)famous Völkisher Beobachter.

Not to mention the transfiguration performed on him by the magicians of the Thule Society (i.e. The Black Sun Society); transfiguration that made him (an outcast, a loser, a nobody) one of the most gifted political entrepreneurs in human history.

From the functional perspective this assistance (actually, his partnership with the Thule Society) made complete sense; however, emotionally it was unacceptable for him – he was much too independently-minded for that. No surprise here – this trait is quite common among entrepreneurs.

So he made the most gargantuan blunder in his life (and ultimately a suicidal one) – severed all ties between by that time practically his DAP and the Thule Society (and thus with The Org and with their ultimate handler – The Black Sun Society).

Obviously, he was not aware of the existence of the latter two, but, being a powerful mystic, definitely felt (or at least suspected something). Hence his ruthless persecution of esoteric, occult and neo-pagan groups after he acquired dictatorial powers in Germany (and his adamant opposition to activities and project of the esoteric/occult nature pursued by Heinrich Himmler).

Did Heinrich Himmler know that he was chosen, programmed, supported and, yes, used by The Black Sun Society? I do not think so – definitely not until August of 1944 when this society revealed itself to SS-Reichsfuhrer.

The Thule Society was a prominent member of the alliance that crushed Bavarian Soviet Republic in early May of 1919 and Heinrich Himmler at the time was a proud member of Freikorps Oberland, established by the president of the society – Rudolf von Sebottendorf.

So he obviously knew about the existence of the Thule Society and a thing or two about its objectives, ideas, principles and activities. However, at this time he was way too young (he was just eighteen) and still way too Catholic to apply for membership in the Thule Society. Or even to get seriously interested in its affairs.

It is also true that already at that time the Thule Society recognized the enormous political potential of Heinrich Himmler and made him… maybe even their “Plan B” – in case “Plan A” (built upon Adolf Hitler) fails.

However, the Thule Society did not reveal itself to Heinrich Himmler, opting instead to provide coaching, training, mentoring, and yes, manipulation, clandestinely – via its agents planted into Himmler’s “inner circle” – and later into his Personal Staff in the SS, Ahnenerbe and other SS agencies. And via Karl Maria Wiligut, of course.

What was the ultimate objective of The Thule Society in their “SS Project”? The answer is obvious – after Adolf Hitler severed all ties between his DAP and the Thule Society (the front for The Black Sun Society), it became painfully obvious for the latter that ultimately Der Führer will fail – and fail miserably.

For a very simple reason – despite all his immense powers, Adolf Hitler could achieve his objectives (and thus those of The Black Sun Society) only with the guidance and divine, supernatural, spiritual energies that he could have received from only one source. The Black Sun Society.

Without that support, Adolf Hitler and his Third Reich were doomed to fail (i.e. to die) in one of the two ways. Either by losing the inevitable war to a mighty opposition (which happened in reality) or by being eliminated by the Wehrmacht.

Although the latter and the Nazis had similar objectives (and Hitler bribed the top brass of his armed forces like you would not believe), it was evident to both that the still deeply Prussian and Imperial Army and Kriegsmarine did not fit into the Nazi civilization.

Luftwaffe was a different story, but it was run (for all practical purposes) by Erhard Milch who was half-Jewish and thus had no love lost for the Nazis (he even did not want to work for their Air Force and had to be convinced by Hitler himself).

July 20th coup in 1944 proved beyond the reasonable doubt that Wehrmacht had far bigger guns (and much more of them) than all Nazi paramilitary and even military forces (i.e. Waffen-SS).

Consequently, had Adolf Hitler won the Second World War (a very real possibility in the fall of 1941), he would have been almost immediately deposed by the military. Hitler would have been eliminated (obviously) and his regime transformed into a Second Reich 2.0 (possibly even into a constitutional monarchy – like the original one).

Actually, it almost happened in October of 1938 when Adolf Hitler was literally hours away from losing his life and only the Munich Agreement saved him from a certain death and his Nazi regime – from a no less certain destruction by the Wehrmacht.

Obviously, the destruction of the Nazi regime was not an option for The Black Sun Society (I would not be surprised if it had a hand in arranging the Munich Agreement of 1938).

Consequently, they needed a force, an organization powerful enough to defeat the military coup. The coup that was inevitable in the case of Hitler’s victory in the Second World War.

They needed the SS.

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