The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (1)

To understand what would The Black Sun society need Die Neue SS for in the postbellum period, we must review the fundamental objectives of the former:

  1. Make Germany, the Western Civilization and the White (Aryan) Race the dominant power in our world (the human civilization) in all aspects – financial, economic, military, cultural, scientific, technological, etc.
  2. In other words, make our world run (managed) from Germany – i.e. from Berlin (Welthaupstadt Germania)
  3. Transform the German people (and possibly other “Aryan nations”) into the genuine Übermenschen
  4. Acquire control over sufficient amount of natural resources – first and foremost, land (Lebensraum) – to make Germany and the whole Western civilization self-sufficient in foodstuffs and key raw materials
  5. Enslave the conquered nations and physically annihilate its “unproductive” population (i.e. the ones that has negative financial and functional value)
  6. Win the existential racial war with “Judeo-Bolshevist monster” – ideally, by eliminating both its components altogether
  7. Make German neo-paganism the official state religion of “New Germany” (“New German Reich”) relegating Christianity to a distant background (ideally to the dustbin of history)

The Nazis did achieve some kind of “imperfect victory” over the “Judeo-Bolshevist monster” in World War II. The Bolshevist Soviet Union was sufficiently weakened to cease to be an existential threat to Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization.

True, the Red Army occupied most of Eastern Europe – Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Yugoslavia, Albania, Czechoslovakia and even East Germany, but it (1) stopped there; (2) did not annex these countries into the Soviet Union, installing in each nation its “puppet regime”; and (3) these regimes turned out to be far more “vegetarian” than the Soviet one of the 1941 vintage.

In addition, two of these regimes (Albania and Yugoslavia) swiftly escaped from the “Soviet clutches” and the latter even became one of the founders of the so-called “Non-Aligned Movement” – an international organization of countries that do not want to be officially aligned with any major power bloc. Including the Soviet one, of course.

The attitude of Western democracies towards Bolshevism also changed radically. This time, they not only were much more determined to fight Bolshevism than in 1920s and 1930s (at that time they essentially created the Soviet military-industrial monster by providing the vital tools technologies) but promptly put together a military alliance (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) – i.e. finally did what should have been done 30 years earlier in Versailles. In 1955, West Germany joined this alliance (long overdue).

The Jewish threat perceived by The Black Sun Society, was also gone – with at least five million dead and the Jewish infrastructure in most European countries all but raised to the ground, the Jews could no longer be “efficient servants of Satan”. At least not a “macro-level”. 

However, the other six points of its “unofficial program” still had to be made a reality.

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