The Black Sun Society: the 7-Point Program (2)

Unlike the First World War which was fought by ideologically similar nations, the Second World War was the war between ideologies. Actually, two very different wars of this kind were fought at the same time – while war on the Eastern Front was the war between two totalitarian ideologies (Nazism and Bolshevism); the war on the Western front was between a totalitarian ideology (Nazism) and Western liberalism.

Liberalism won – and for many years it appeared that one for good. In other words, that the human civilization had finally reached the “end of its history” (ideological history, of course) and that the “liberal Reich” would last for at least a thousand years (if not for eternity).

However, The Black Sun Society had a radically different (actually, exactly the opposite) vision of the future of the human civilization. They were confident (as I am) that “postbellum liberalism” was but not a logical next step in the ideological evolution of mankind, but only an emotional reaction to the very real horrors of Nazism and Communism.

And was further reinforced by the “practical political necessity” of winning the Cold War. Which – unlike the previous “hot war” on the Eastern front of World War II, did not require a totalitarian ideology. Just any alternative ideology powerful enough to win the “ideological battle” with Communism.

Hence The Black Sun Society was completely certain that after the inevitable victory of the Western Civilization in the Cold War (which would ultimately boil down to economic competition in which Communism had a chance of a snowball in Hell), liberalism will lose its raison d’être (defeating first Nazism and then Communism) and will be destroyed by its own fundamental deficiencies (which I will discuss in detail a bit later).

The Society believed that liberalism will be brought down by the “Black Swan” of sorts; in other words, by the Social Singularity Event (SS-Event) which will deliver a fatal blow to this inviable ideology and world order.

The SS-Event will cause a lightning-fast collapse of the “liberal world order” and will create a dire and immediate need for a radically new (and viable) ideology and world order built upon that ideology. Including, obviously, the detailed vision and blueprint for this “brave new world” (in a positive sense, of course).

And The Black Sun Society will be ready. It will provide the abovementioned vision and blueprint as well as the tools and technologies (and the core team of professionals) who will implement this vision and blueprint in reality.

The Society had reasons to believe that the viable world order could be (and will be) built only on the ideology of “neo-national-socialism” and upon the core of the “neo-Teutonic Order”.

However, there were limits to what The Black Sun Society could do to make it happen. It could only build a certain infrastructure necessary for building this “brand new world”… and had to wait for a certain “critical mass” to develop (they had no power over the latter).

It is a well-established fact that the ideology of an “original” national-socialism created a highly distorted and grossly inaccurate perception of reality. It is known that perception of reality is the only reality so it is no surprise that this grossly inaccurate perception of reality inevitably led to colossal blunders that ultimately cost the Nazis their war, their Party, their state, their unique civilization and for many – their very lives.

Consequently, the ideology of “neo-national-socialism” had to be cleansed of all errors, misconceptions and distortions of reality inherent to the “original” national-socialism (more on that later).

The second component (related to the first one, of course) was what Heinrich Himmler failed to deliver. The neo-pagan quasi-religion based on the German paganism… and something else (much else, in fact as the world we live in is very different from the world of the 1930s and 40s – to put it mildly).

The third component of the infrastructure was (no less obviously) the core of the “neo-Teutonic Order”. The core that could be easily expanded into the order proper – and then into the neo-Ordensstaat. Obviously, this core was the ODESSA. Die Neue SS – and that’s exactly what The Black Society needed it for.

The fourth component was, obviously, financial as making the vision and blueprint for a “brave new world” a reality would require a lot of money. Fortunately, this was not a problem at all as even today the total value of “Nazi Gold” (i.e., liquid assets plundered by the SS from the occupied territories) is uncertain – as is how much was recovered and how much was still missing.

However, it would be safe to assume that the total value of gold, silver, platinum, gems, foreign currency, etc. transferred abroad (i.e. laundered by Swiss and other “neutral” banks as well as by the Vatican bank) was in billions of USD (or euros) in current prices.

Which, conservatively but profitably invested would grow to tens of billions of USD or euros today. In other words, ODESSA (and The Black Sun Society) are very, very affluent organizations. In other words, they acquired immense financial power.

The final component is, obviously, the new front for The Black Sun Society. I would call it The Vril Society, although it has, most likely, a different name. It is similar to The Thule Society (as it is an esoteric and occult group) but it is also a religious organization which conducts services and rituals of the neo-pagan religion developed (finally) by The Black Sun Society. Its relationship with ODESSA is that of a partnership as the nature and functions of these entities are fundamentally different.

I would estimate the size of The Black Sun Society in several dozen individuals (definitely less than a hundred – there are simply not that many psychics running around). The size of The Vril Society is probably less (it has probably just one temple – somewhere in Germany) and ODESSA is (obviously) a much larger organization – with several hundred members.

However, this infrastructure was still not significant for the “quantum leap” from liberalism to the “brave new world”. A “critical mass” of external events had to accumulate.

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