Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (6)

We only know what had been done in the North Tower – but not the whole design for this actual Mittelpunkt der Welt (no records survived the war). Neither do we know the objectives of this redesign – or have any ideas about the ceremonies to be conducted there for that matter.

All we know that two rooms have been constructed inside the north tower – the Crypt, allegedly called Valhalla although it had another name – the Gruft (Vault) and the Obergruppenführersaal (SS Generals’ Hall) immediately above it.

Their ceilings were cast in concrete and faced with natural stone. On the upper floors a further hall was planned although no information about its design or purpose survived. The axis of this tower was to be the actual “Center of the World” (Mittelpunkt der Welt).

A preparation for an eternal flame in the vault, a swastika ornament in its zenith, and the so-called “Black Sun” symbol embedded in the floor of the “Obergruppenführersaal” lie on this axis. Whether any of these rooms were ever used (and for which purpose), we do not know.

In the center of the marbled whitish/grayish floor of an Obergruppenführersaal a dark green sun wheel (Sonnenrad) is embedded. The axis of the sun wheel consisted of a circular plate of pure gold, which was to symbolize the center of the castle and thus the entire “Germanic world empire”.

The real name of the symbol is not known; it got its current name (The Black Sun) only in the 1990s. Neither do we know the meaning attributed to this symbol by the SS (or by anyone else for that matter).

All circumstantial evidence points to but one conclusion – the ultimate objective of all work done in the North Tower (and in the whole Wewelsburg Castle) had but one objective – to build a pagan equivalent of St. Peter’s Cathedral in Rome… or of a Sacred Heart Basilica in Paris.

Spiritual equivalent, of course. Hence this building was supposed to amplify the energies of the “Earth Crown Chakra” to the level sufficient to empower the SS and the whole Third Reich. Empower sufficiently to achieve its objectives (and thus the objectives of The Black Sun Society).

Unfortunately for them (and for everyone involved), Heinrich Himmler did not believe much in the power of magical objects and ceremonies. And pursued the “Wewelsburg Project” for its symbolism. In other words, for its emotional, not spiritual (let alone religious or, God forbid, magical) value.

Hence, he did not invest enough effort (and money, of course) to make it what it was supposed to be – an extremely powerful portal of divine, spiritual, supernatural, magical energies.

And in 1943, all work in the castle was terminated (ostensibly because Hitler ordered to stop all construction projects not directly supporting the war effort). In reality, from the perspective of war effort, the Wewelsburg project was the most important one… but Himmler did not know that. Or did not want to know – in 1943 he had other priorities.

It was a gargantuan mistake which ultimately cost Adolf Hitler his war, his country, his civilization and his very life. And in late summer of 1944 forced Heinrich Himmler to explicitly ask The Black Sun Society for assistance. Assistance in saving his very own skin.

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