Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (2)

The answer to this genuinely existential question is simple: because exactly the same thing has already happened before – about 800 years earlier, to be more precise.

The original divine energy channel (i.e. channel of salvific, life-giving, vital spiritual energies) was created and maintained by the Jewish nation and the “Jewish church” – an irrefutable fact completely ignored by the Nazis.

However, by the time that is now called the beginning of our era (or “common era”) both the Jewish Church and the Jewish nation inevitably and predictably got so corrupted by The World that surrounded them (and thus attacked them from all sides) that the stream of vital divine energies that they were conducting got (1) severely weakened; and (2) no less severely contaminated by the “dark energies” of The World. And thus moved away from the Almighty God.

As the result, the whole humankind got both suffocated and poisoned that sooner or later (possibly rather sooner than later) would have inevitably led to the destruction of the human civilization as it was known at the time and its subsequent transformation into a very real Hell on Earth.

Which, obviously, was unacceptable for the Almighty God – the creator and guardian of the human civilization. It appears that at the time he had no other option but to send to us (i.e. humans) His Only Son – with a Divine and salvific Mission.

Ultimately, the Mission was plain and simple – create the “alternative channel” of Divine Energies (actually, the “replacement channel” as it was painfully obvious that the original “Jewish channel” was falling apart – and fast).

Although the Mission of Jesus Christ was not completely successful (to put it mildly), He managed to create this “replacement channel” which ultimately took the form of the Holy Roman Catholic Church.

Which in about three centuries became the official (state) religion of the original Roman Empire, i.e. the Western Civilization of that time (areas outside the Empire were not exactly civilized at that time).

However, by the 9th century it became no less painfully obvious (especially after the collapse of the Roman Empire and the emergence of Islam) that the Holy Roman Catholic Church will sooner or later “repeat the experience” of the “Jewish Church”.

In other words, it will inevitably get weakened (so weakened, in fact that it could become an easy prey for its enemies) and thus the “divine energy channel” created and managed by the Christian Church will be so weakened and contaminated…that the whole story will go full circle and go back to “square one”.

Apparently, sending Jesus Christ version 2.0 was not an option for the Almighty God. Consequently, He had to create the “alternative” (although this time not “replacement”) divine energy channel using decidedly pagan (and thus highly imperfect) tools.

The “Wewelsburg Object” and The Black Sun Society. However, God is known for “writing straight with crooked lines” (to my knowledge, it is a Portuguese proverb). Hence even this “radical solution” was His more or less “standard operating procedure”.

Consequently, the whole “Wewelsburg Affair” was God’s Project and The Black Sun Society (and all its agents – The Org, the Thule Society) were in the end serving God (the Christian God as we know Him). Unconsciously, yes (there is little, if any, doubt about that) – but still the Christian God.

Now how on Earth did it happen that these genuine Servants of God joined forces with Adolf Hitler, the Nazis, Heinrich Himmler and the SS?

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