Himmler and the Wewelsburg Castle (1)

The most important component of Christianity is Jesus Christ himself (ion both tangible and intangible form); the most important component of the new religion designed by The Black Sun Society was (is) to be the Wewelsburg Castle.

For the very same reason as the key (core, fundamental) function of any religion (whether pagan or monotheistic), its raison d’être is to be the source of spiritual, divine, supernatural, salvific (i.e., life-giving energies).

In Christianity such source (obviously) is Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – provider of Divine Grace, salvific energies of the Holy Spirit. In the “Black Sun Religion” (let’s call it that way), Wewelsburg Castle was the channel, the conduit of similar (but not identical) divine spiritual energy.

I prefer to call this energy Vril; however, I think that The Black Sun Society has a different name for it (most likely, it calls itself by a different name either). But it really does not matter – the nature and aggregate value of this energy (functional, emotional and spiritual) matters, not its name, of course.

Actually, it is not Wewelsburg Castle per se that is the source (conduit) of these energies, but the place where this unique castle (and its predecessors) were constructed. The “Wewelsburg Hill” as I call it.

Being a mystic and psychic myself (and quite a powerful one, I must admit), I have no doubt that the “Wewelsburg Hill” is the “Crown Chakra of the Earth”. The term “Earth Chakras” is actually quite common in modern esoteric circle and is based on the (IMHO, irrefutable) fact that the Earth is actually a gigantic living being, conceptually and structurally (if we take into account spiritual, invisible, intangible components) similar to a human being.

Every human being has seven main (major) chakras – and hundreds of minor chakras. A chakra is an energy center and the most important one is the crown chakra (located at the top of the human head).

The crown chakra is the “gate” through which we receive the vital, life-supporting energies from the Divine (whatever meaning one attaches to this term). Hence the practice of ordaining a priest (in Catholic, Orthodox and other Christian churches) by laying hands on the top on one’s head.

By the same token, the “Crown Chakra of the Earth” is the place via which the whole Earth (and thus the whole human civilization) receive vital (“salvific”), divine, spiritual, supernatural energies. Energies without which humanity simply can not exist.

High Priest (de-jure or de-facto) of some religions understand and recognize the power of these places (Earth Chakras) so they built “amplifiers” in these places. Churches. Temples. Shrines.

Like a human being, Earth has seven major chakras and (being really, really big) tens of thousands minor chakras. Christianity is big on spiritual energy issue (i.e. the Holy Spirit) hence it would be safe to assume that just about every Catholic or Orthodox Church (I am not sure about Protestant and other denominations) is built on a place which is a minor Earth Chakra.

So were many pagan religion – hence it is no surprise that many Christian churches were built in places originally occupied by pagan temples or shrines (destroyed by the Christians, of course).

Islam is much less about divine energies – but still Muslims are known for converting Christian churches into mosques (or building mosques in their places after razing the latter to the ground).

Probably the same is true for followers of Judaism – synagogues are also (most likely) built on top of the “minor Earth chakras” (although the Jews are not known for converting Christian churches into synagogues).

There are (predictably) many radically different opinions on the probable locations of other “main Earth Chakras”. I have a feeling (as obviously there could be hardly any tangible proof) that these chakras are located in Jerusalem (obviously); Rome (St. Peter Basilica); Paris (Basilica of the Sacred Heart); London (St. Paul’s Cathedral); Toledo in Spain (Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary)… and most likely Berlin, although I am very tempted to name Lisbon (more specifically, its Catholic cathedral – Santa Maria Maior de Lisboa).

The place in Berlin is most likely the one where Adolf Hitler (the most mystically and spiritually powerful politician in human history – not necessarily in the positive sense) wanted to erect his colossal Volkshalle after his victory in the Second World War.

Now how does the Wewelsburg Castle (and the pagan religion associated with it) fit into this thorough Catholic picture? There is no reasonable doubt whatsoever that initially the Earth Crown Chakra was located in Jerusalem.

Unfortunately, first the Jews rejected Christ (and the original Jewish religion split into Judaism and Christianity)… and then occupied by the Muslims in 638. Which created such a spiritual mess that Earth had no other choice but to move its crown chakra elsewhere (unlike a human being, it can do it).

The Wewelsburg Hill was chosen probably because it is located right next to Paderborn where the decision was made to establish what ultimately became the Holy Roman Empire – and the foundation of the Western Civilization as we know it. Consequently, there is some validity to Nazi claims that the Western Civilization has German roots – historic as well as spiritual.

Why didn’t the Holy Roman Catholic Church build a Catholic temple on the Wewelsburg Hill. It did – this church very much exists to this day (I have been there a couple of times) and is dedicated to one Saint Jodokus – an obscure 7th century Catholic saint (interestingly, he was never officially canonized although is considered to be a saint).

However, this church was erected five centuries later (in the 14th century) than the original “Object Wewelsburg” (possibly as an unconscious “counterweight” to the de-facto pagan shrine). However, it was renovated at exactly the same time the castle got its present-day form and structure – in 1601.

The fundamental question (again) is: Why? Why would the Earth need this (very much pagan) energy channel when it was already being covered by a vast (ultimately planet-wide) channels that supplied the human civilization with vital, life-giving and salvific energies of the Holy Spirit?

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