Karl Maria Wiligut (4)

I have already stated that by the psychiatric standards of the time, the medical reasons commitment of Karl Maria Wiligut to the mental institution were solid. It is also known (well-known, actually) that he did not change his behavior (or his ideas for that matter) one bit.

However, he was allowed to maintain contact with “like-minded individuals” (i.e., with his colleagues in Austrian esoteric, occult and nationalistic circles) outside the asylum.

An unusual decision by the administration of the institution, to put it mildly – usually the patients are barred from any communication that could reinforce their “unhealthy” beliefs.

Wiligut communicated with prominent members of Order of New Templars (Emil Rüdiger, Friedrich Teltscher, Friedrich Schiller, etc.) and with several members of the Edda Society (a mystic study group).

Members of this society developed an original and eclectic mystery religion founded in part upon the Armanism of Guido von List. One of the prominent members of Edda was one Mathilde von Kemnitz, a prolific völkisch writer who married General Erich Ludendorff in 1926.

Probably the most interesting pen pal of Karl Maria Wiligut was Dr. Friedrich Teltscher – an authority on runic magic. He viewed runes (Armanen runes, to be more precise) as conduits of “subtle energies” (i.e. divine, supernatural, spiritual energies).

And still in early 1927, the Salzburg court reversed its verdict and let Wiligut out. Only one explanation makes sense – there was someone very influential (or a highly skilled manipulator) behind this unexpected decision (to put it mildly).

More likely, the manipulator. It appears that by that time (Heinrich Himmler was already in the SS and the vision and blueprints for the “Black Order” were all but ready), The Black Sun Society was actively looking for someone that they could use as an “informal communication channel” to SS-Reichsfuhrer (when Himmler inevitably becomes one).

Why they chose Karl Maria Wiligut (of all people), we have no idea and probably will never know. Most likely, the magicians of The Black Sun Society found in Wiligut’s writings (and probably in him personally – I have no doubt that they talked to him) something that made them believe that he was a perfect man (i.e., the perfect tool) for the job.

Surprisingly, Wiligut even went back to live with his family (he left them only in 1932 – five years later). Thus he remained in Salzburg and received visitors from Germany (the Edda circle) and from Vienna (mainly ONT brothers). In the fall of 1932 he received one mysterious Fräulein Frieda Dorenberg (almost nothing is known for certain about her).

She was a member of the NSDAP even before Adolf Hitler (she carried the membership number 6 while his was 55) and was sometimes called the “conscience of the [Nazi] Party.” She was also deeply involved in esoteric matters, and was a member of the abovementioned Edda Society.

It was Frieda Dorenberg (in cooperation with other individuals), who arranged to have Wiligut smuggled into Germany with a false identity. So, with his children grown, and freedom from observation by the authorities granted, Wiligut fled Austria in 1932 and began living underground near Munich in the suburb of Bogenhausen.

There he joined an esoteric circle called the Freie Söhne der Nord- und Ostsee (Free Sons of the North and Baltic Seas) and began to conduct lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. on esoteric and occult matters.

Wiligut, now in his late sixties (he was 65 in 1932), was well received and much respected in German völkisch circles. It is likely, of course, that at least some of this respect stemmed from his long and distinguished military record and his service in combat in the “Great War.”

Now everything falls into place and begins to make sense. Fräulein Frieda Dorenber was undoubtedly one of the agents (if not members) of The Black Sun Society who infiltrated NSDAP (then still DAP) even before Adolf Hitler joined the Nazi Party.

The Edda Society (founded by one Rudolf John Gorsleben – German Ariosophist, Armanist, practitioner of the Armanen runes, journal editor and playwright) was most likely the successor to The Thule Society as the new front for The Org and for The Black Sun Society (Edda Society was founded in 1925 – the same year the Thule Society disappeared into oblivion).

She convinced Wiligut that a great future awaits him in Germany. Which turned out to be true – as in September of 1933 (roughly a year after his escape to Germany), Karl Maria Wiligut met SS Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler.

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