The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (17)

The trillion-Reichsmark (and millions-of-lives) question is Why? Why twelve years of Nazi rule in Germany ended with such a horrible, disastrous failure? The obvious reason (which I will cover in detail shortly) is that Nazi ideology preached and practiced by Hitler, Himmler et al. created a highly distorted and highly inaccurate perception of reality.

Which predictably led to colossal blunders and the latter no less predictably resulted in catastrophic consequences. However, despite this highly distorted perceptions, the Nazis still could have been successful. Very successful, in fact.

First, Hitler and Himmler should have listened to the guidance provided by The Black Sun Society – and followed this guidance to a “T”. But they didn’t – with disastrous consequences for them, Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization.

After his Transfiguration (performed by the magicians from The Black Sun Society), Heinrich Himmler became an extremely powerful medium. The conduit of extremely powerful spiritual energies. Energies which allowed Germany to do the impossible – many times over.

Had Adolf Hitler stayed connected to the divine energy channel established and managed by The Black Sun Society (first and foremost, via the Wewelsburg Castle) – and used other magical tools and technologies (provided by Ahnenerbe Überprüfung der sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften – “Examination of the so-called secret sciences” institute)… the Third Reich would most likely been very much in existence (and ruled Europe at least).

Unfortunately for him, Adolf Hitler was not just an opponent, but practically a sworn enemy of everything occult. So instead of using the latter for his purposes (and the purposes of The Black Sun Society) he simply ignore that – to his own peril.

Heinrich Himmler was a very different story – thus, although his results was similar, they were not the same. Not by a long shot. Three rather typical examples of his strange (and probably not-exactly-comfortable) relationship with the occult are his quest for the Holy Grail; his utilizations of runes in the SS; his relationships with Karl Maria Wiligut; and his activities in Wewelsburg Castle.

Let’s start with the first one. There is some confusion (in fact, a lot of confusion) about the Holy Grail – as this term got attached to two fundamentally different objects.

The first one (sought by Heinrich Himmler) is definitely mythical/fictional (by the way, there was nothing holy about it); the second one (more correctly referred to as Holy Chalice) was very holy indeed… but most likely not initially considered as such. And hence is most likely lost for good. 

According to the legend (yes, it is a legend – cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear), the Holy Grail proper is a cup (or a dish) which possesses the miraculous powers that provide happiness, eternal youth and other benefits of a similar nature.

It is usually associated with the mythical King Arthur and another (no less mythical) ruler – Fisher King. The latter is believed to be the last king a long bloodline of rulers charged with keeping and protecting the Holy Grail.

The man who put this Holy Grail “on the radar” of Heinrich Himmler was one Otto Rahn – a German writer, medievalist and Ariosophist (follower of Ariosophy – essentially a neo-pagan quasi-religion which preaches the inherent spiritual and other superiority of the Aryan race; first and foremost, the Germans).

In 1933, German writer Otto Rahn published a series of books tying the Grail, Templars, and Cathars to modern German nationalist mythology. According to Rahn, the Grail was… a symbol of a pure Germanic religion repressed by Christianity (how he came to this conclusion is totally beyond me).

However, the “how” did not matter to Heinrich Himmler one bit. He found this idea so interesting (and valuable) that… invited Rahn to join the SS and offered to sponsor his quest for Grail.

In Nazi Germany few individuals could afford to say “No” to SS-Reichsfuhrer and Otto Rahn was definitely not one of them. So he said yes and ultimately rose to the rank of SS-Obersturmführer (First Lieutenant).

It appears (I would say, is practically certain) that Himmler did not believe one bit in the magical powers of the Holy Grail. For him this object was (most likely) simply a component (and important component but still only a component) of a neo-pagan religion that he was working on at that time. Nothing more, nothing less.

Did The Black Sun Society have anything to do with the Holy Grail? No, because the whole “Grail thing” as preached by Otto Rahn (a mentally unstable individual) was a total mess and had nothing to do with any reality whatsoever.

For starters, Templars were a highly distinguished Christian military order (not that different from the Teutonic Order) and were never involved in anything pagan or occult – all charges against them were invented by inquisitors working for the French king who decided to exterminate the Templars instead of paying back money he owned them (happened all the time).

Cathars were essentially Christian heretics (of the Manichean variety) and, like the Templars were not involved with occult (or paganism) one bit. And the Holy Grail itself never existed – it was but a figment of the imagination of several medieval fiction writers (Chrétien de Troyes, Wolfram von Eschenbach and others).

The runes, however, were a different story entirely.

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