The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (16)

Now let’s see what Heinrich Himmler accomplished for his sponsors and creators (but not masters, of course) from The Black Sun Society (unconsciously, of course).

First and foremost, he did create the neo-Teutonic Order. By the end of the Second World War, it was still a work in progress (to put it mildly) as its reality still was far, far short of the vision (let alone blueprint) developed by The Black Sun Society, but the fundamentals (the core) were pretty much there.

Himmler developed the structure, the processes and procedures, the symbols (SS runes, the uniforms, the swords and daggers, etc.), the rituals and even components of the neo-pagan Germanic religion that was to become the spiritual foundation for this “New Black Order”. Including, of course, the foundation for the future Mittelpunkt der Welt – spiritual center of the world – in the Wewelsburg Castle.

Like Adolf Hitler (and also unconsciously), Himmler created the “SS in heaven”. Well, not exactly in heaven, of course – but definitely not in Hell. In other words, Heinrich Himmler created a unique “SS-egregore” – the one that (unlike just about all other egregores – “collective souls”) continued to exist after the tangible entity (i.e. the SS as we know it) ceased to exist in May of 1945.

And continues to influence the world affairs even today – in this sense, Heinrich Himmler created a “thousand-year SS”. However, there is a crucial difference between these two egregores.

The Third Reich (obviously) no longer exists as the tangible entity. And the SS (contrary to an almost universal misconception) is a different story entirely. A bit later, I will prove (IMHO beyond the reasonable doubts), that, unlike NSDAP and the whole Third Reich, the SS did not cease to exist in May of 1945.

And, of course, Heinrich Himmler did not commit suicide. It is also possible that (again contrary to an almost universal misconception) neither did Odilo Globocnik, Hans Kammler… or Heinrich Muller.

Martin Bormann did – DNA analysis proved it beyond the reasonable doubt – and so did Adolf Hitler (although there is no forensic evidence that proves the latter beyond the reasonable doubt).

But not Heinrich Himmler (and possibly three of his close associates). Instead, they (this time with direct help from The Black Sun Society) escaped from occupied Germany (most likely, into the German part of Switzerland) and there set up an organization commonly (and incorrectly) referred to as ODESSA. Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen (Organization of Former SS Members) that is. Its real name is (obviously) not known; in this book I will call it DNSS. Die Neue SS.

I will cover DNSS, its objectives and capabilities (and activities) a bit later; now I will only state that the existence of its physical component (DNSS is a very much tangible entity which “inherited” the “SS egregore” from the original SS in 1945) makes the SS egregore far, far more powerful than its “Third Reich brother”.

In terms of structure, Himmler’s SS included… just about everything that The Black Sun Society ever wanted. First and foremost, of course, included (as its foundation and the core) the system for selection, training, placement and utilization of the Nazi elite. Racial elite, of course – at the time eugenics reigned supreme.

But Heinrich Himmler went further than that – he created and highly efficiently used a system of recruiting into the SS the most influential individuals in the Party, government, industry, science and technology, academia, etc. The list of high ranking SS officers (believe it or not, there was an official SS membership directory) reads like “Who is who in Nazi Germany”.

The notable exception was the military – initially the Reichswehr and subsequently the Wehrmacht. For legal reason – the military personnel was forbidden by law to join political parties – or organizations such as the SS.

Incredibly, this law was in force (and strictly followed) up until the infamous and pathetic coup attempt on July 20th, 1944 – Wehrmacht considered its independence from politics and government important enough to protect it even at the cost of an open conflict with both.

Then there was the most well-known component of the SS (ultimately integrated into RSHA). Staatsschutzkorps (State Protection Corps). Which included political, criminal and order police, concentration camps, death camps, domestic and foreign intelligence services… the whole nine yards.

It also included the Waffen-SS – the core for the future SS Armed Forces (neither Hitler, nor Himmler nor The Black Sun Society had any desire to tolerate the independence of Wehrmacht even the moment longer than absolutely necessary).

It was a (practically) open secret in Nazi Germany that Hitler and Himmler created Waffen SS (the former openly and blatantly violated his promise to Wehrmacht brass to never establish an “alternative army”) with but one ultimate purpose in mind – the hostile takeover of German armed forces.

However, during the Second World War Waffen SS were placed (out of practical military necessity) under the operational command of Wehrmacht – and made a highly valuable contribution to saving the Western Civilization from being destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes.

Not surprisingly, the SS included RuSHA – Rasse- und Siedlungshauptamt der SS (SS Race and Settlement Main Office). It was ultimately responsible for transforming the German people into the “nation of Übermenschen” (obviously, with eugenics tools and technologies) and for the colonization of Lebensraum conquered by Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS.

As well as an enormous commercial empire – a network of businesses owned and operated by the SS. Including, of course, a vast network of forced labor (i.e. slave labor) camps.

By essentially controlling labor supply, by the end of the war, the SS controlled just about all German industry and via its own structures – just about all new weapons development projects in Nazi Germany.

Himmler also established Ahnenerbe – a gigantic research institute tasked with mining and generating knowledge necessary for the SS to implement its racial policies (and other objectives). Including (via the institute so secret that officially it did not exist) the secret (occult) knowledge.

The SS was the primary tool for the destruction of Jewish infrastructure (and for physical extermination of half of Jewish population in Europe) – as well as for “pacification” of occupied territories.

However, the ultimate result of all endeavors and projects pursued by Hitler and Himmler was a total and catastrophic failure. The Nazi Party, the Nazi State, the SS, the whole Nazi system collapsed – and Germany suffered the worst casualties and the most cataclysmic destruction in its history.

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