The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (15)

Here’s what Adolf Hitler accomplished for his sponsors and creators (but not masters, of course) from The Black Sun Society:

  1. Transformed the miniscule Nazi Party into the most powerful political force in Nazi Germany (in less than 15 years!)
  2. Created the most powerful paramilitary organization – the SA (not personally, of course, but still it was done on his watch)
  3. Manipulated German political and economic elites (and personally Reich President Paul von Hindenburg) into appointing him as Reich Chancellor – as I have already stated, it was Hitler’s accomplishment, not his sponsors’
  4. Transformed the pathetic and impotent Weimar Republic (an easy prey for the Bolshevist monster) into the Führerstaat – an extremely powerful and highly efficient system
  5. Transformed the defeated, depressed, severely weakened (and significantly reduced in size) nation into the most powerful political, military, industrial and economic country in Europe – capable of becoming the dominant power in the whole world
  6. Returned to Germany all its territories taken away from it at gunpoint during the disgusting robbery in Versailles
  7. United two German states – Germany and Austria – into a Greater Germany (Ein Reich)
  8. Acquired enormous Lebensraum in the East (in Bohemia and Moravia, Poland, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, Baltic countries, etc.); the living space that it would have taken decades to colonize
  9. Crushed and occupied France – the traditional archrival of Germany for domination of continental Europe
  10. Established a firm control (directly or indirectly) over most of continental Europe. There were exceptions, of course – Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.; however, not for long (given Hitler’s style in foreign relations)
  11. Destroyed most of “Jewish infrastructure” in Europe (it was especially powerful in Poland) and physically eliminated half of its Jewish population. In the opinion of The Black Sun Society, it was more than enough to eliminate the “Jewish existential threat” to Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization – for good
  12. Delivered a devastating blow to the “Bolshevist monster”. According to the most realistic estimates (the exact numbers will most likely be never known), about 20 million (!!!) of soldiers and officers lost their lives in the battlefields of the Second World War.

In addition, the war took 7 million civilian lives hence it is no surprise that by the beginning of 1945 Stalin was literally running out of people. It is estimated that the Soviet Union lost up to one-half of its pre-war industrial capacity and became totally dependent of Western Allies in its war effort.

Hitler made Nazi Germany fight on the Eastern front long enough for the Western nations (the USA, Britain and its dominions, etc.) to develop deterrents (first and foremost, nuclear weapons an enormous fleets of strategic bombers) that would made any Soviet aggression genuinely suicidal. Consequently, the Bolshevist Soviet Union ceased to be the existential threat to Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization for good (the “nuclear standoff” during the Cold War was a different matter entirely)

  1. Made Germans genuinely happy – in 1938, German nation was the happiest nation in the whole world (if not in the whole human history)
  2. Created the “Third Reich in Heaven” (well, not exactly in heaven, of course – but definitely not in Hell). In other words, Adolf Hitler (unconsciously, of course) created a unique egregore – the one that (unlike just about all other egregores – “collective souls”) continued to exist after the tangible entity (i.e. the Third Reich as we know it) ceased to exist in May of 1945. And continues to influence the world affairs even today (in this sense, Hitler did create a “thousand-year Reich”)

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