The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (14)

Now let’s examine what exactly Adolf Hitler and the Nazis (including, obviously, Heinrich Himmler) accomplished for their creators (but not the masters!) – The Black Sun Society. And where they failed – and failed miserably.

True, The Black Sun Society provided Adolf Hitler with ample resources to do what they wanted him to do – guidance, money, contacts, newspaper, etc., etc. They even performed a genuine transfiguration on him in summer of 1919, transforming an essential nobody, a loser, an outcast in one of the most successful (if not the most successful) political entrepreneurs of the 20th century – if not in the whole modern history.

However, it was only a “seed capital” (in a broad sense) which Adolf Hitler had to utilize (ideally, to the maximum extent possible) to achieve the objectives of his, well… sponsors.

He started very badly – when he acquired the necessary power, he severed all ties between the fledgling DAP (the Nazi Party) and the Thule Society (the front for The Black Sun Society).

Only the direct and overt connection, of course, because both societies still could influence both the DAP and Adolf Hitler personally via its members that were also close associates of Adolf Hitler – first and foremost, Rudolf Hess and Alfred Rosenberg (and during the early years of NSDAP also Gottfried Feder and Dietrich Eckart).

However, by severing the official (overt) connection between the (then still) DAP and the Thule Society, Adolf Hitler disconnected himself and his party from a critically important (vital even) support channel – no doubt about that.

It was colossal blunder because Hitler essentially robbed himself and his party of the absolutely vital support that he needed to win his war (and to achieve the objectives of his sponsors).

Which predictably resulted in his colossal failure “on all fronts” and ultimately cost him his war, his Party, his state (the Führerstaat), his unique civilization (the Third Reich) and ultimately his very life.

Did The Black Sun Society anticipate such a ruthless breakup? Probably not. True, they were aware that things could go very wrong and thus definitely had Plan B, C, D, etc. to be executed if things go south big time (one of these plans centered around Heinrich Himmler)… but I do not think that they thought that things could go that bad that fast.

For obvious reason – the Transfiguration of Adolf Hitler was their first and only project of such kind (and the only one so far to my knowledge) and they did not foresee even in their worst nightmares that their “spiritual child” would be that ungrateful (and that stupid – as this breakup was ultimately suicidal for Adolf Hitler).

True, members of The Black Sun Society were powerful magicians (in other words, possessed extremely powerful spiritual, psychic, paranormal, supernatural capabilities)… but in all other aspects they were just “regular” human beings (strictly speaking, not even Übermenschen).

With all vices, deficiencies and limitations of our species – they were neither omniscient (all-knowledgeable), nor omnipotent (all-powerful). And as even God can not predict the future (due to the fundamental principle of human Freedom of Will), neither could The Black Sun Society.

Still, despite his ultimate (and colossal) failure, Adolf Hitler still accomplished a lot for the latter.

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