The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (13)

In early 1929 (i.e. after Heinrich Himmler became the fourth – and final – SS-Reichsfuhrer) The Black Sun Society found itself in a (most likely) totally unanticipated situation.

Instead of one “principal agent” (“general partner” of sorts), The Society now had two – Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler. And instead of one organization – the neo-Teutonic Order, it had two: Hitler’s NSDAP and Himmler’s SS (the latter still but an embryo).

True, Himmler was subordinate to Hitler and the SS – to NSDAP (and thus to Hitler as well), but still there were two distinct individuals, two distinct organizations that pursued two different projects.

Consequently, The Black Sun Society faced an obvious question: what to do with these two characters – and with these two organizations. To answer this question, we (no less obviously) review the fundamental long-term objectives of The Black Sun Society:

  1. Make Germany, the Western Civilization and the White (Aryan) Race the dominant power in our world (the human civilization) in all aspects – financial, economic, military, cultural, scientific, technological, etc.
  2. In other words, make our world run (managed) from Germany – i.e. from Berlin (Welthaupstadt Germania)
  3. Transform the German people (and possibly other “Aryan nations”) into the genuine Übermenschen
  4. Acquire control over sufficient amount of natural resources – first and foremost, land (Lebensraum) – to make Germany and the whole Western civilization self-sufficient in foodstuffs and key raw materials
  5. Enslave the conquered nations and physically annihilate its “unproductive” population (i.e. the ones that has negative financial and functional value)
  6. Win the existential racial war with “Judeo-Bolshevist monster” – ideally, by eliminating both its components altogether
  7. Make German neo-paganism the official state religion of “New Germany” (“New German Reich”) relegating Christianity to a distant background (ideally to the dustbin of history)

To achieve these objectives, the Black Sun Society had to first facilitate the acquisition of absolute (or at least dictatorial) political and administrative power in Germany.

Adolf Hitler was sufficiently empowered by its transfiguration (performed by The Black Sun Society magicians sometime in the summer of 1919) to make his party (NSDAP) the most powerful political force in Germany.

And his SA – the most powerful paramilitary force. With no assistance from The Black Sun Society whatsoever – after he severed all ties with The Thule Society in 1920.

However, it was still not sufficient – not for a long shot. To achieve the objectives of The Black Sun Society, Adolf Hitler (still but a tool of The Black Sun Society although he was not aware of that), had to become first the Reich Chancellor; and then Der Führer (the dictator – absolute ruler – of Germany).

There is no evidence whatsoever that The Black Society had anything to do with the appointment of Adolf Hitler as the Chancellor of Germany on January 30th, 1933. First, politics was not their specialty (they were into magic, not politics) and second, this appointment was inevitable – the political, economic and social situation in Germany in 1932 took care of that.

The Reichstag Fire (which ultimately made Adolf Hitler the dictator of Germany and transformed the Weimar Republic into Nazi Germany – the Third Reich) was a totally different matter.

Marinus van der Lubbe who for all practical purposes handed to Adolf Hitler (and the Nazis) the dictatorial power in Germany on a plate, was clinically (but not legally) insane.

And such individuals are well-known to be easily manipulated by skillful psychologists (or psychics) to do… just about anything, in fact. Consequently, the rumors that van der Lubbe was somehow hypnotized by someone to set fire to German Reichstag building began to circulate almost immediately after the arson.

The most common conspiracy theory (and it was a conspiracy all right) was that van der Lubbe was hypnotize by no other than Erik Jan Hanussen (born Hermann Steinschneider) who did in on orders from one of the Nazi leaders (possibly even Adolf Hitler himself).

True, there is some evidence that Hanussen predicted the Reichstag fire, but this prediction is actually his best alibi. Only an idiot would announce a crime of such magnitude (and “programming” van der Lubbe into setting fire to the Reichstag building was that kind of crime) before actually committing it – and Hanussen was no idiot.

Second, after his Beer Hall Putsch failed miserably, Adolf Hitler was adamantly opposed to any and all illegal actions – especially of such magnitude and significance. Consequently, it would be unthinkable to anyone in the Nazi Party (which revered Hitler and followed his orders to a “T”) to do something that illegal.

And, finally, Hanussen was a Jew which made it impossible for the Nazis to trust him with such an important job. Consequently, it is far more likely that he was hypnotized by a psychic from The Black Sun Society (most likely, by a woman pretending to be Jewish) to commit this “arson of the century” – if not the millennium.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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