The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (12)

By choosing Germanenorden (proper) as its de-facto partner in creating the Thule Society – and including its name into the official title of the new organization, The Org (and thus The Black Sun Society) made their intentions cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Germanenorden often called itself the Teutonic Order. Hence, the Thule Society (officially the Bavarian lodge of the Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail) openly stated that it intended to achieve its objectives by (1) creating an organization similar in essence and function to the original (Christian) Teutonic Order; and (2) use this organization as the foundation and the core for a state – the Orden-Staat.

A state that would be radically different from any European (and any other Christian) state of the time. The state based not on Christian religion (as the original State of the Teutonic Order was), but on the neo-pagan and occult (quasi)religion.

After all, the Germanenorden was an occult and a völkisch group. The latter meant that it was (1) a fundamentally German nationalist society – as pretty much was the original Teutonic Order; and (2) was based on the idea of a “German national rebirth”, inspired by the (perceived) traditions of the Ancient Germans.

These traditions, obviously, included the “ancient religion” (i.e., German paganism). More specifically, the intent was to either “Germanizing” Christianity (the religious product of the “Jewish race”) or – preferably – doing away with Christianity altogether and replacing it with pre-Christian Germanic paganism.

Consequently, the neo-Teutonic Order that the Thule Society intended to create (as well as its Ordensstaat) was to be based not on Christianity (as was the original one), but on the neo-pagan (quasi)religion – essentially a reincarnation of ancient (i.e., pre-Christian) German paganism.

Like every paramilitary organization worthy of this classification, Freikorps Oberland created (and extensively used) intelligence and counter-intelligence sections. Which meant that agents (especially of the latter branch) continuously compiled valuable information on Freikorps and passed it to the commanders of the unit… and to its founder – the Thule Society.

Even at a still young age, Heinrich Himmler was not exactly a chatterbox; however, the environment of the administrative offices of Freikorps Oberland created much more opportunities for frank and open conversations (on public and private subjects) than the actual battlefield. And for eavesdropping on these conversations, of course.

It appears that one day young Heinrich Himmler shared with someone his knowledge of Teutonic Order (even in high school his knowledge of medieval military history was deeper and more extensive than that of his teachers) and his fascination with the latter. And, possibly, his secret desire to one day create and lead a modern-day reincarnation of the Order.

Either his vis-à-vis was an agent of Freikorps counter-intelligence, or someone from the latter overheard this conversation… actually, it does not matter. What matters is that the principals of the Thule Society (and thus of The Org and of The Black Sun Society) were pleasantly surprised that one of the Freikorps members has a fundamental objective practically identical to theirs.

Sure, there was a serious problem – young Himmler was still a devout Catholic while the neo-Teutonic Order that The Black Sun Society wanted to create was to be based on a neo-pagan (quasi)religion.

However, the intelligence agents (this time ultimately of The Black Sun Society) promptly learned that Himmler was sufficiently interested in the occult and in pre-Christian German paganism to be quickly and easily converted to the latter.

Obviously, Plan A of The Black Sun Society (ultimately, although it acted via the Thule Society) was to use Adolf Hitler to implement their vision of the neo-Teutonic Order and the neo-Ordensstaat (at that time he was already their #1 candidate for the position of Der Führer).

However, in such an important endeavor (ultimately taking over the whole world) there is always Plan B, Plan C… and possibly many others. We do not know (and will most likely never know) whether Heinrich Himmler was their Plan B (most likely not)… however, it was the “Himmler option” that ultimately worked (almost).

Actually, the young age of Heinrich Himmler was his tremendous advantage (from the perspective of The Black Sun Society, of course). It meant that he was far more manageable, cooperative and “programmable” than any of his competitors.

The Black Sun Society was very patient (to put it mildly) – after all, they waited for the opportunity to exact revenge on Christianity for over a millennium. Hence, they most likely began to work on Heinrich Himmler – carefully, unobtrusively and patiently… probably as early as in April 1919 (right after he joined Freikorps Oberland and The Society became aware of his Teutonic Order dreams).

They converted him from Catholicism to German neo-paganism – it happened sometime during his early twenties (definitely before he joined NSDAP in August of 1923) and was a no small feat (to put it mildly) given his thorough Catholic upbringing.

And brought him into their primary creation and tool – the Nazi Party. The NSDAP. They worked on him for four long years (most likely, until they considered him mature and prepared enough to join it) before he proudly received the Nazi Party membership card #14303.

Was he aware that he was being manipulated, programmed, even played… of sorts? Most likely not – The Black Sun Society used highly efficient clandestine tools and technologies being perfected for centuries.

Did he know that he was dealing with the members of the Thule Society? I do not think so. There is no indication he ever attended any of the meetings of the Thule Society or even had a conversation about the group, its goals, values, principles, beliefs, plans, etc. with any member of the Thule Society – let alone its leaders (even the “official” ones).

Due to the inherent nature of any secret society worthy of this label, even the members of the Thule Society (and possibly the overwhelming majority of its officers) had no idea about even the existence of The Org and The Black Sun Society – let alone any specifics. Neither (obviously) was Heinrich Himmler.

It is a well-established fact that Himmler was brought into the NSDAP by no other than Ernst Röhm, an early member of the Nazi Party and a co-founder of the Sturmabteilung (SA – the paramilitary wing and essentially the “private army” of sorts of the Nazi Party).

It was Röhm who introduced Himmler to Adolf Hitler (the rest is, as is said, history)… but before that – and even before Himmler joined the Nazi Party Röhm invited him to join the paramilitary Bund Reichskriegsflagge (Imperial War Flag Society). Its official leader was one Joseph Seydel but Ernst Röhm was really in control. It was his Bund.

The Bund Reichskriegsflagge under Ernst Röhm was instrumental in the Beer Hall Putsch and its standard-bearer was… Heinrich Himmler, who had joined the organization just a few months earlier. True, it was not the official Nazi Party banner with the swastika (the Bund flag had a common design for the Second Reich) but still it was the banner of an organization.

However, these seemingly well-established facts raise far more questions than provide answers. We do not even know for sure when exactly Himmler met Röhm for the first time.

Himmler’s entry in his diary for January 26th, 1922 describes meeting Captain Röhm at a political gathering in a beer cellar in Munich. However, the way in which the entry is written suggests that Himmler might already have been acquainted with the latter.

It is stated (by just about every biographer of Himmler) that soon after getting acquainted, Heinrich Himmler and Ernst Röhm became friends. However, I find it highly unlikely, to put it mildly.

First, Röhm was thirteen (!) years older than Himmler. And the only way two men with such a difference in age can become friends (I mean friends, not lovers) is if they share some kind of a common background. Not the future (that would make them partners, not friends), but the past.

But Ernst and Heinrich came from totally different backgrounds. Himmler’s father was a school principal and a tutor/coach for the member of a royal Bavarian family while Röhm’s father was a railway official. In the Imperial Germany – and in the early years of Weimar Republic – these worlds were light years apart.

Röhm was a decorated war veteran and a war hero (and an officer to boot) while Himmler was a civilian – and the former do not like (usually despise even) the latter.

Röhm was a large, beefy former officer, while Himmler was a small, slender man who had only yearned for military life – but had zero combat experience (either in Great War or on the Home Front).

Röhm was considered a “fanatical, simple-minded swashbuckler” who frequently displayed contempt for danger while Himmler was a mild-mannered bureaucrat not known at all for “living dangerously”.

Röhm was an open homosexual while Himmler did not like gay men (to put it mildly) and was strictly heterosexual. There is no evidence whatsoever that there was any sort of romantic (let alone sexual) relationship between the two.

It is completely understandable why Heinrich Himmler was so eager to befriend Ernst Röhm. Himmler was twenty (twenty one at most); Röhm was 33 or 34; Himmler was a civilian who for years only yearned for military life; Röhm was a Captain in German Reichswehr (one of the very few who were permitted to stay in the uniform) – and a decorated war veteran and a war hero; Himmler was a member of a paramilitary unit; Röhm de-facto commanded it. Plenty of reasons in short – and one is more powerful than the other.

Ernst Röhm, on the other hand, had no reasons to befriend Himmler. None whatsoever (for him the latter was a nobody, a nonentity). Unless the Captain was in love with young Heinrich… but it was painfully obvious that he did not stood a chance – even if it was the case (and there is not a trace of evidence that it was).

And yet, Captain Röhm not only befriended Himmler; not only invited him into his paramilitary unit (and kept him there); not only brought him into the Nazi Party; not only introduced him to Der Führer (Adolf Hitler); not only included him – a civilian (!!) – into the Kampfgruppe that was to play a key role in the (in)famous Beer Hall Putsch, but… made him the standard-bearer of his (!!!) unit during the coup attempt.

Now why on Earth would Captain Ernst Röhm do such an incredible, unbelievable thing? True, due to his outstanding (an understatement, actually) administrative skills and organizational abilities Himmler was undoubtedly a highly valuable asset to Bund Reichskriegsflagge; it is also true that he was a skilled and gifted orator… but nobody in his right mind would bring an administrator or an orator into a street fight. Especially if firearms are expected to be heavily used – and the individual in question has never been tested in combat.

And still a highly experienced street fighter and a war hero did it. The fundamental question is: Why??? The only explanation that come to mind is simple and straightforward – because he followed the orders of his superiors from the Thule Society (and thus from The Black Sun Society).

There is no direct evidence that Ernst Röhm was a member of a Thule Society; however, his Bayerisches Freikorps für den Grenzschutz Ost (“Bavarian Free Corps for Border Patrol East“), formed in Ohrdruf in April 1919, fought shoulder-to-shoulder with Freikorps Oberland (formed by the Thule Society) against the Bavarian Soviet Republic – and finally destroyed it.

Ernst Röhm was one of the senior officers of the Bayerisches Freikorps; hence it is practically inevitable that he communicated with the senior officers of Freikorps Oberland – and almost definitely with its founder Rudolf von Sebottendorf, president of the Thule Society.

So it is entirely possible (very likely, actually) that the latter somehow recruited the latter and made Captain an agent (although most likely not the member) of the Thule Society – and thus of The Black Sun Society.

That’s how Heinrich Himmler became a member of the Nazi Party and subsequently – as the standard-bearer for Bund Reichskriegsflagge – its distinguished and prominent member.

Now all The Black Sun Society needed was an embryo for its neo-Teutonic Order. They needed the original SS.

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