The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (8)

In the popular mind, the “Wewelsburg mysticism” associates exclusively with Heinrich Himmler and his SS. In other words, even those who professionally research the “Nazi Occultism” (let alone “conspiracy buffs” and other amateurs) sincerely believe that the Wewelsburg Castle was initially just a regular castle – just like any other in Europe – converted by Himmler and Karl Maria Wiligut (his informal advisor on everything occult) into some kind of an occult (neo-pagan) temple.

This common perception of Wewelsburg is a mistake. A big mistake. An enormous mistake. Because you simply can not transform a “regular”, “ordinary” castle into an occult object (let alone temple). The occult simply does not work that way – the object MUST be created for the occult purposes. For mystical, psychic, spiritual, paranormal, supernatural purposes.

I have been to Wewelsburg – in fact, quite recently, in March of 2018. I am very spiritually sensitive (in fact, I have some not insignificant psychic/paranormal powers) and from this experience I can state without a shadow of a doubt – the Wewelsburg Castle is a very, very spiritually and supernaturally powerful structure.

Far more powerful than even St. Paul’s Cathedral in London or the Sacré-Cœur (Sacred Heart) Basilica in Paris – both extremely spiritually powerful Christian temples (and Christianity is the most spiritually powerful religion – by far).

It feels as (and IMHO, undoubtedly is) a wide and incredibly powerful portal of supernatural, divine energies that connects our world (more specifically, its soul – the so-called egregore of our civilization) to the Divine Source of these energies. Similar (but not identical) to Divine Grace (every Christian church – especially the Catholic one) is a portal of Divine Grace.

And it was built this way. It was designed and built as the “divine energy portal” – Himmler and Wiligut only amplified its spiritual powers. Both wanted to make it the Mittelpunkt der Welt – “center of the world” – and thus to connect the latter to the Divine Source of extremely powerful (and possibly even salvific) spiritual energies.

Officially, in its current form (a unique triangular shape), the Wewelsburg Castle was completed in 1609 to serve as the secondary residence for the Prince-Bishops of Paderborn (a prince-bishop is a bishop who is also the civil ruler of some secular principality and sovereignty and thus has both civilian and ecclesiastical power over the territory in question).

Interestingly, the castle was destroyed (sometimes almost completely) – and then rebuilt – several times. It was as if some kind of power wanted it to be erased from the face of the Earth for good; but another power wanted it to stay where it was – and function exactly as it was supposed to.

In 1646, the Wewelsburg Castle was occupied and then razed by Swedish troops[3], by the army commanded by General Carl Gustav Wrangel. After 1650, the mostly destroyed castle was rebuilt by Prince-Bishop Theodor Adolf von der Recke and his successor Ferdinand von Fürstenberg.

During the 18th and 19th centuries, the castle fell progressively into ruin. On 11 January 1815, the North Tower (the most spiritually powerful component and thus the core of the Wewelsburg Castle) was gutted by a fire that was started by a lightning strike; only the outer walls remained.

In 1924, the castle became the property of the district of Büren and was changed into a cultural center. By 1925, the castle had been renovated into a local museum, banquet hall, restaurant and youth hostel (it still is).

In 1932, the local head of the district authority (Landrat) ordered about seventy members of the FAD (Freiwilliger Arbeitsdienst – voluntary labor service), to be housed at the Wewelsburg. In the fall of 1933 (i.e. already after the Nazis came to power), negotiations to set up a full-sized FAD camp of over two hundred men in the castle failed.

When I walked the corridors and rooms of the Wewelsburg Castle (especially in its North Tower), I had a profound feeling that the castle was not made (built), but born. Born as a living being. Because it was ALIVE.

It lived – and did not care a damn thing about its “superficial functionality”. It did its job – served as a powerful portal of spiritual (and possibly even salvific) divine energies.

And it was waiting. Waiting for someone who would increase its spiritual power by the order of magnitude at least. For someone who would make the castle the most powerful spiritual portal by far.

It was waiting for Heinrich Himmler.

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