The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (7)

Another obvious (and critically important) fundamental question is: When exactly was The Org created and by whom? And was it a brand-new entity or an offspring of another – even more mysterious – organization?

I am confident that The Org was formed sometime during the last quarter of the 19th century (definitely after the end of 1871). For a very simple reason – to achieve their highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly), The Org needed a powerful tool. A very powerful tool – and only the German Empire could do the job.

It is very tempting to claim that The Org had something to do with transformation of the German Confederation (established in 1815) into the Imperial Germany in 1871. However, unlike with the Third Reich (whose roots were deeply supernatural), there was nothing supernatural about the creation of the Second Reich. Nothing at all.

There is no evidence that any occult/secret society made any material contribution (in fact, any contribution at all) to the establishment of Imperial Germany.

And – unlike Adolf Hitler – Otto von Bismarck (the founding father of the Second Reich) had no need for a transfiguration (or any other supernatural assistance). He had all “natural” power he needed to do his job and accomplish his objectives.

In addition, prior to the last quarter of the 19th century, there was no existential threat to the Western Civilization (the Islamic one was gone two centuries earlier). None whatsoever – not on the horizon.

At the first glance, there is no evidence that The Org was an offspring of another – even more mysterious – organization which was formed years, decades, centuries or millennia earlier.

For a very simple reason – there is no evidence whatsoever that an organization with similar objectives (and the same modus operandi) ever existed. Contrary to what conspiracy theorists claim, there is no trace of an involvement of a material contribution made by a secret organization (let alone the one with supernatural powers) to any major revolutions (French, American, etc.)

However, there is one crucial piece of evidence (which I will examine a bit later) that supports an exactly the opposite theory.

Who were the founders of The Org? IMHO. The crucial difference between The Org and all other secret societies was that the principals of the former (and most likely, all members) possessed genuine – and extremely powerful – supernatural capabilities. And they also were patient. Very patient. Unbelievably patient.

Speaking in modern management terms, the overall fundamental objective of The Org was nothing short of radical reengineering. Of Germany, Europe, the Western Civilization – and of the whole human civilization.

Every competent reengineering professional will attest that the reengineering project has two stages – (1) destruction of the old system; and (2) construction of the new one.

Unlike all other secret societies, The Org was genuinely (and supernaturally) powerful – but not powerful enough to destroy the “old world”. Hence it had no other choice but to (very patiently) wait for the global (or at least pan-European) crisis that would either destroy the existing world completely, or at least damage it so profoundly that the latter will become an easy prey for The Org and its agents.

It is also very tempting to claim that The Org had engineered exactly such a crisis – the First World War (the Great War). Or at least that it made a significant contribution to its outbreak.

However, there is no evidence; none whatsoever, that would support this claim. In reality, the Great War was deliberately planned and started by Serbia and Russia (roughly in that order) with a tacit approval of France and Britain (also in that order).

The outbreak of the Great War was a completely “natural” (i.e., political) process and there is no trace of any supernatural contribution made by any secret occult organization. In other words, The Org had nothing to do with the Great War – it only used its grim, murderous and highly destructive consequences.

Now I will deliver on my promise to examine the evidence that supports the theory that The Org was an offspring of another – far older and far more mysterious – organization. The name of this evidence is Wewelsburg (more precisely, the Wewelsburg Castle as Wewelsburg proper refers to the village that surrounds this unique object).

It is now obvious that Heinrich Himmler and his SS were but tools that The Org used to achieve its highly ambitious objectives (to put it mildly). However, SS-Reichsfuhrer was no puppet (even before he became the head of the Schutzstaffel).

The SS was a way too complex system to be the product of a single individual (even of a genius). Consequently, there is little (if any) doubt that the Schutzstaffel (more specifically, the organization that it finally became) was initially designed (“blueprinted”) by a team of designers – members of The Org.

Who subsequently (tacitly and informally) tutored, coached and mentored Heinrich Himmler providing him with the blueprints, knowledge and skills that he would need to incarnate this design in brick-and-mortar (and flesh-and-blood).

And then simply left him to his own devices – leaving the door open for him in case he needed a vital assistance. There is no doubt, of course, that The Org infiltrated the SS (both by planting its members into this gargantuan system and by recruiting members of the SS as its agents) but both kinds of individuals were used for monitoring, not influencing the “organizational behavior” of “Himmler’s Empire”.

Himmler did ask for this assistance – sometime in late summer of 1944, but I will cover this story in appropriate detail in a separate chapter of this book. The only two areas where The Org did interfere directly into the affairs of the SS were (not surprisingly) the occult ones.

The Wewelsburg Castle and – to a significantly lesser extent – certain activities of Ahnenerbe. More specifically, of one of its institutes – Überprüfung der sogenannten Geheimwissenschaften (“Examination of the so-called Secret Sciences“).

Officially, the latter was only planned for, but not established. However, given Himmler’s well-known (and serious) interest in occult matters (his quest for the Holy Grail, his library on witchcraft, the Wewelsburg Castle, etc.) it is far more likely that this institute was (1) established; (2) operated; and (3) was run by The Org.

Obviously, in addition to its primary purpose, this institute served as an informal communication channel between The Org and Heinrich Himmler (the latter was very interested in all activities of Ahnenerbe so it was a genuinely direct channel).

All traces of its activities (like of many other activities of the SS where pursuit of secrecy bordered on paranoia) were either destroyed or hidden so well that even today, 75 years after the end of the Second Great War nobody outside The Org (which I believe very much exists to this day) has any clue about what was done there, how, by whom and to what ends.

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