The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (6)

The Org believed that in addition to the existential was with “Judeo-Bolshevism” (the second part was correct while the first one was not), Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization were fighting another all but existential war.

The war for the resources of our planet – natural (first and foremost, the land); human (who will work for whom); and financial (where the money would go). The war which, in their opinion was fought by races (White, Yellow and Black mostly) and by civilizations – the Western (White and Christian Europe and North America); Islamic, Slavic (mostly Russian), African, Far Eastern (an amalgamation of Chinese and Japanese civilizations) and Latino.

There is a grain of truth in this view – it is well-known that (1) there are not nearly enough resources on Earth to provide all nations with the living standards enjoyed by the Western nations; and (2) that latter would never ever agree to lower their standards for the benefit of other nations.

The Org also believed that our highly imperfect world (i.e. the human civilization) will either be run by one of the civilizations/races/countries/cities… or fall into a complete chaos. In other words, our world will cease to exist as we know it and will become a very real Hell on Earth (far, far worse than the most horrible regimes in human history).

This belief was obviously based on the history of the Roman Empire – which at the height of its power ruled Europe (for all practical purposes), Middle East and North Africa… and of what happened after Rome collapsed. The unfortunate (to put it mildly) state of affairs in the modern world proves (IMHO, beyond the reasonable doubt) that this view contains a not insignificant grain of truth (to put it mildly).

It is a well-established historical fact, that the foundation and the core of the modern Western Civilization was the Holy Roman Empire. Although it was established by the Frankish king Charlemagne, its continuous existence (which lasted for over 800 years) began when the German king was crowned the Holy Roman Emperor.

Actually, Charlemagne was most likely German by the place of birth as well (most historians believe that he was born in Aachen in North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany). And, of course, the Holy Roman Empire (as well as the whole Western Civilization) was designed, established and run by the White Race.

Consequently, it appears that The Org believed that our whole world (including, but not limited to, its resources – natural, human, financial, etc.) MUST be controlled by the White Race, the Western Civilization and Germany (more specifically, the German Empire). In other words, run by Germans from a German city – Berlin, Welthaupstadt Germania… or Wewelsburg (Mittelpunkt der Welt).

The natural consequence of this vision (which did make some sense, I must admit) was the whole concept of colonial wars for the Lebensraum in the East (at least initially), colonization of the latter (i.e. establishing control over natural and other resources), its pacification (Einsatzgruppen-style, no doubt), enslavement (let’s call a spade a spade) of its population and physical extermination of those “unfit for labor” (i.e. of the population who could not produce and thus had a negative aggregate value for the conquerors).

The Org (obviously) knew that to establish and maintain control over (ultimately vast) territories the “New German Empire” (the Next Reich, if you will) had to have not only superior systems (political, economic, military, education, science, technology), but a vastly superior human capital.

In other words, it had no other choice but to transform the German nation (and all other Aryan nations) into genuine Übermenschen. At the time it was (incorrectly) believed that it could have been done only with eugenic tools and technologies.

It was incorrect because Übermenschen (and Untermenschen) are all about culture (mind, heart and soul), not biology. In other words, about nurture, not nature and “software”, not “hardware”. Biologically (genetically) and thus racially human beings are as different as cats of different color – but of the same breed. In other words, not different at all – in any meaningful aspect.

Hence the intrinsic power of an individual (and of the nation) is determined not by biology (i.e. race) but by the power of his/her/its culture. First and foremost, by the power of the cultural identity of the individual or nation in question, of course.

However, one fundamentally important (and still hotly debated) question remains: is one’s race vitally important component of one’s cultural identity? If it is – and many psychologists, historians and sociologists (of all skin colors and political beliefs) claim that it is – then the need for “racial purity” did make a lot of sense in the framework of “war between civilizations” preached (and practiced) by The Org.

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