The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (10)

What were the intentions and fundamental objectives of the High Priests (and, most likely, the High Priestesses as well) of the Black Sun Society (the Vril Society)? Actually, it is not that difficult to find out… if you know the fundamental religious beliefs of SS-Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler (as of the year 1933).

By 1933, Heinrich Himmler (whose intention was to transform Wewelsburg into a spiritual center of the world – no less) firmly believed that (1) Christianity was a Jewish invention; and (2) it severely damaged Germany and German people by destroying the native – and thus “natural” – German pagan religion.

And added insult to injury by initiating the “Burning Times” – i.e. the witch hunt (most of the witches were persecuted, arrested and executed in Germany). Consequently, Himmler believed it to be his duty to (1) push Christianity to the background – doing away with it in the 20th century was impossible; (2) restoring the “natural” (“native”) German religion – i.e. German paganism; and (3) making the latter the official religion of Greater Germany.

That’s precisely what the “Black Sun project” was all about. The Black Sun Society (or whatever it was called in reality) built the initial “Wewelsburg shrine” to achieve practically identical objectives.

They did not care much about the Jews (quite possibly, they were even unaware of the existence of the latter), but they surely wanted to “exercise the revenge of the Old Gods”.

In other words, they wanted to send Christianity to the dustbin of history (one way or the other) – or at least make it relatively insignificant; restore the German pagan religion and make it again – this time de-jure as well – the official religion of the “New Germany”.  

And the “Wewelsburg shrine” – due to the enormous power of its “divine energy portal” was their primary weapon in this “religious war”. As was the Society itself as it (unlike just about all other secret and occult societies) was comprised of individuals who possessed genuine – and quite significant – psychic, mystical, paranormal and supernatural powers.

Like many religious organizations, the Black Sun Society was thinking in terms of millennia. And was ready to wait even that long – until the opportunity for revenge (i.e., the right moment) presents itself.

And it (finally) got what it wanted… almost. In 1871, the German Empire was formed, which (finally) provided the Black Sun Society with the tool that they needed to achieve their objectives.

So the latter established The Org, delegating there the most powerful mystics/psychics of the Black Sun Society. However, although both the former and the latter were very powerful entities (and were supported by the power of the “Wewelsburg Portal”), they were not powerful enough to engineer the crisis of the necessary magnitude. Necessary to take control over the German Empire that is.

Consequently they had to wait for five more decades (almost). Only by late summer of 1918 it became clear that both German and the Austro-Hungarian Empire (the latter included Austria – another German state) were heading into a crisis disastrous enough to make both German states ripe for the “hostile takeover” by the Black Sun Society, The Org and their agents.

In addition, by that time they had another critical problem to take care of – the Bolshevist threat to Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization. And it did not matter that The Black Sun Society and its offspring preached and practiced decidedly pagan (or neo-pagan) religion – the Bolsheviks were totally and fiercely committed to destroying any and all religions, both pagan and monotheist (Christianity, Islam and Judaism).

Again, the Black Sun Society and its… partners were not powerful enough (regardless of the “Wewelsburg portal”) to protect all of the above from being destroyed by the Bolshevist hordes (let alone to do away with the “Red menace” for good).

Hence they had no choice but to create (basically from scratch) the ideology (national-socialism), the party (DAP), the paramilitary force (the SA) and, what was the most important, Der Führer (by transforming the essential nobody into one of the most gifted political entrepreneurs in modern history) capable of doing what had to be done to save Germany, Europe and the Western Civilization from being invaded, occupied and destroyed by the “Bolshevist beast”.

Adolf Hitler ultimately built the military, industrial and economic system (NSDAP, Wehrmacht and the Führerstaat)… but he (predictably) had far too many fatal flaws to so what the Black Sun Society wanted him to do.

First, he was totally uncooperative (let alone manageable) – and ungrateful to boot. A few months after joining DAP (i.e. when he got powerful enough to do it), he severed all ties between the latter and the Thule Society (and hence with The Org and the Black Sun Society).

Consequently, instead of using blueprints developed and provided by the latter, he built his system (i.e. the Third Reich – the Nazi Civilization) according to his own specifications.

With predictable results – the system he created turned out to be unsustainable and failed miserably. And Adolf Hitler turned out to be a typical entrepreneur who (predictably) overloaded himself and ultimately fell apart and perished. Taking with him to the grave all his “children” (i.e. entities that he created).

One did not have to possess supernatural capabilities (although these are helpful) to predict this bleak future of Adolf Hitler and his “babies”. Consequently, it is no surprise at all that right after being unceremoniously dumped (as a used up tool) by Hitler, the Black Sun Society and its partners (offspring actually) to look for “replacement tools”.

And found Heinrich Himmler.

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