The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (5)

The ten-million-lives (given the mass-murderous exploits of the SS) question is: Who on Earth were “They”? In other words, who were the real founders and principals of the Thule Society? Where did they come from? How did they operate and to what ends (in addition to protecting the human civilization from existential threats, of course). 

It appears that the Thule Society (i.e., the Germanenorden Walvater of the Holy Grail) was but a front for another organization (which may or may not have something to do with the even more mysterious – and very possibly fictional – Vril Society). The name of this organization is not known and most likely will never be known, consequently, I will refer to it (for the sake of brevity) as simply The Org.

The “parent society” (i.e. the Germanenorden proper) was not in any way associated with The Org. However, there were several reasons why The Org chose the Germanenorden as the parent for their “front entity” (i.e. the Thule Society).

The first reason was, obviously, its official name. The Germanenorden was referred to as Germanic or Teutonic Order which made it (at least in its name) the descendant of the original (Christian) Teutonic Order (Deutscher Orden).

Two primary objectives of the latter were (1) protection of the Western Civilization from the pagan threat from the East; and (2) acquisition and colonization of the Lebensraum in the East (the latter included conversion to Catholicism of Old Prussians and other nations).

By the time of the inauguration of the Thule Society (August of 1918), it was obvious that Bolshevist Russia (located to the East of the Western Civilization) did present the genuinely existential threat to the latter. Hence, choosing the society related (at least in its name) to the one whose fundamental objective was to protect the latter from the former made complete sense.

The second reason was, alas, the virulent antisemitism of founders, principals and members of Germanenorden. It appears that The Org (i.e., its founders, leaders and members) sincerely (and incorrectly) believed in the Judeo-Bolshevist nature of the (very real) existential threat to Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization.

For at least one reason – Karl Marx, the founder of Marxism and thus of Bolshevism (Russian Marxism) was a Jew. As were just about all key Bolsheviks – Leon Trotsky (de-facto Commander-in-Chief of the Red Army and the leader of the Bolshevist revolution in the Russian Capital), Comintern leader Grigory Zinoviev and many, many others.

In reality, all these characters were outcasts (i.e. by the standards of the Jewish community, not Jews at all) and this community was one of the most severely persecuted social groups in the Soviet Russia. And thus the Jewish Bolsheviks not only had nothing to do with the “Jewish people” but (being committed internationalists, atheists and materialists) but were sworn enemies of the latter.

There could have been another, more profound reason for the anti-Semitism of The Org. One of the features that attracted them in Germanenorden was its symbol – a swastika superimposed on a Christian cross.

Founders of the Germanenorden (and the principals of The Org) were smart enough to understand that the Christian roots of the Western Civilization MUST be preserved for the latter to survive and prosper. And must be supplemented – not replaced – by neo-paganism.

Although the latter was supposed to play the leading role – hence the occult swastika on the Christian cross, not the other way around. However, the swastika had a dual nature – in pre-Nazi years it was also a minor Christian symbol (Adolf Hitler first encountered it on the wall of a very Catholic Lambach Abbey).

Judging by its activities (carried out via the Thule Society), The Org was a pretty radical group (to put it mildly). Consequently, it can be inferred that its ideology was quite radical as well. The latter statement is supported by the fact that they created entities that preached and practiced a highly radical Nazi ideology.

Hence, it could be inferred, that the anti-Semitism of The Org was both Christian in nature and radical (to put it mildly). According to radical Christian anti-Semites (of both Catholic and Protestant variety), by rejected Christ as their Messiah, the Jews as the nation (not only as a religious community, but as a nation/race as well) they rejected God the Father as well (i.e. completely severed spiritual connection with the latter).

Consequently, radical Christian anti-Semites believe that Judaism (more specifically, Rabbinical Judaism) practiced by the Jewish community at the time was NOT the religion of the Old Testament, but a completely different one.

More specifically, they believe that by rejecting God’s Son and Our Savior Jesus Christ (who openly stated that there was – and still is – no way to God the Father other than through Him), the Jews stopped worshipping God of the Old Testament, severed all spiritual connections with Him… and started not only worshipping, but also serving the Devil.

Serving Satan by doing all sorts of horrible things – including the persecution of early Christians (which was either carried out or at least instigated by the Jews). The radical Christians also believed that the Mashiach (the Jewish Messiah) was no other than the Anti-Christ described in New Testament Book of Revelation.

Therefore, radical Christian anti-Semites believed that the ultimate objective of the Jews (“Global Jewry”, “Jewish Race”, etc.) is to (1) destroy the Western civilization; and (2) transform it into a genuine Hell on Earth – e.g. the global Bolshevist state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republic.

According to these beliefs, ALL Jews are – conscious or unconscious – servants of Satan. All of them – men, women and children of all ages. Hence, every Jew is a sworn enemy that must be defeated – every Jewish man, woman and child.

Obviously, there are only two ways of defeating each and every one of these “servants of Satan” – deportation (or forced emigration) or physical liquidation. Murder, in other words.

Actually, the second option was preferable to the radical Christian anti-Semites, because (in their highly incorrect opinion), the Jews could serve the Devil even from the outside of the Western Civilization. In other words, for them “the only acceptable Jew was a dead Jew”. Regardless of gender, age, etc.

Consequently, it is highly probable that The Org (which after the official dissolution of the Thule Society directly influenced Heinrich Himmler and his SS) did to a certain extent instigate “the Holocaust project”.

As well as other murderous and destructive activities of the SS aimed at significantly weakening the “Bolshevist beast” – i.e. the humongous Soviet military-industrial and economic system. And thus protecting Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization from the “Judeo-Bolshevist” existential threat.

But the objectives and activities of The Org were about much, much more than protection of Germany, Europe and the whole Western Civilization.

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