The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (4)

The Thule Society was officially inaugurated on August 18th, 1918 – less than a year after the Bolshevist party seized power in Russia (and the outbreak of a devastating Civil War in Russia) – and exactly a month after the Bolsheviks murdered in cold blood the whole royal family of the now gone Russian Empire.

And six months after the Founding Congress of Communist International (Comintern). The latter organization was established by the Bolsheviks (Russian Marxists) and had but one objective.

Invade, conquer and destroy the Western (and subsequently the whole human) civilization and transform it into a global totalitarian Bolshevist state – the worldwide Union of Socialist Soviet Republics (symptomatically, there was no reference to Russia in the name of this Bolshevist state).

Which automatically made Bolshevism and its incarnation in flesh and blood (then still the Soviet Russia – the USSR will be announced three and a half years later) a genuinely existential threat. To Germany, to Europe, to the Western Civilization – and to the whole humankind.

Characteristically, the Founding Congress of Comintern opened with a tribute to Karl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemburg, who just two months earlier unsuccessfully tried to Bolshevize Germany – and ended up murdered by the Freikorps (who had a very dim view of the “Red Idea”). Their Spartacus League (subsequently renamed the Communist Party of Germany) was one of the key founders of Comintern.

Obviously, you can fight an idea only with an idea; ideology only with an ideology; a political party only with a political party; a state only with a state and a system only with a system.

Moreover, at the time a totalitarian ideology, party, state and the system could be successfully fought by (and defeated) only by totalitarian ideology, party, state and the system.

And a totalitarian idea (i.e., vision) – only by a totalitarian idea (vision) as well. For a very simple reason – after the devastating Great War the Western liberal democracies were way too weak emotionally and spiritually to fight another large-scale war (in other words, they had no stomach for it).

The real principals of the Thule Society were firmly committed to at least protecting Germany, Europe, the Western (and ultimately the whole human) civilization from this existential threat. And to (ideally) eliminating this existential threat altogether.

To achieve these highly noble objectives, they needed all of the above (plus, obviously, the leaders of the genius caliber). And that’s exactly what they did – by founding the DAP, performing the transfiguration of Adolf Hitler and suppling him with resources (human, financial, etc.) that he needed to create the system powerful enough to successfully fight (and defeat) the mighty Bolshevist beast.

And Himmler’s SS was in their plans a very important (if not the key) component of the Nazi System. The Nazi State. The Nazi Germany. The Third Reich. The whole unique Nazi civilization.

But that was a (relatively) short-term objective. The Thule Society had another one. The long-term one. The very long-term one.

The Thule principals knew for a fact that (1) Bolshevism would be not the last existential threat to Germany, Europe and the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization); and (2) that when it shows up, the liberal democracies would again be unable – for one reason or another – to protect all of the above (let alone destroy the threat).

They also had no illusions about Adolf Hitler and his creations – the Nazi Party and the Nazi State (the Führerstaat). In other words, about the whole Nazi system.

Adolf Hitler was a genius – no doubt about that. Dark genius, criminal genius, but a genius nevertheless. He was also a mystic – and very possible had some genuinely supernatural capabilities.

However, he was still a very typical entrepreneur (a political one, but still an entrepreneur) – with just about all typical vices, deficiencies and sins (in a broad sense) of an entrepreneur.

To make his or her creation a long-term success (let alone the one that would last for a thousand years), an entrepreneur in question MUST at the appropriate point in time relinquish control over his or her “baby” to professional management (ideally the best there is).

In the case of a political entrepreneur – to civilian and military management. Otherwise he (at that time it was always a “he”) would inevitably overload oneself, start committing horrendous blunders that would ultimately destroy all creations of the entrepreneur in question – one way or the other. And that’s precisely what happened to Adolf Hitler, his party, his state and his whole civilization.

Consequently, to protect Germany, Europe and the whole Western and human civilization from the inevitable next existential threat, the Thule principals needed an organization.

A unique organization – an embryo of sorts – that had the potential to become a new civilization. A new system capable of protecting all of the above from the next existential threat.

They needed the SS. 

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