The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (2)

What exactly was the Thule Society? The honest truth is that (1) we do not know and (2) we most likely will never know. For a very simple reason – Thule was a very much secret society and all secret societies have both public (open) and covert (secret) components. Layers. Faces. Tiers.

Many (Thule included) have even three – one for the “general public” (non-members); one for “general members” and one for the principals. Obviously, only the latter knew the real objectives, projects, tools, etc. of the society in question (i.e. what exactly was going on and for which ends).

It is also a very common feature among the secret society that the “official” (formal, declared) and real leaders and managers of the society (i.e. who really run things and call the shots) are often two very different groups. In many cases, the latter are totally unknown even to “ordinary members” (let alone to “general public” of non-members).

All we know is that Thule Society was (unlike just about all secret societies) a very powerful entity. Possibly (very likely, actually) the most powerful secret society in modern history (if not the whole human history).

After all, it was powerful enough not only to play a significant (some claim the key) role in bringing down the so-called Bavarian Soviet Republic in May of 1919, but to bring about a whole new civilization (and a highly powerful influential one, to put it mildly). The Nazi Germany. The Third Reich.

The Thule Society not only created the DAP (later re-christened NSDAP – the Nazi Party), but provided it with generous funds, highly valuable and powerful connections… and even its own newspaper – the (in)famous Völkischer Beobachter.

It also supplied the DAP with key personnel – Rudolf Hess (deputy Führer and for all practical purposes co-author of Mein Kampf), Alfred Rosenberg (chief Nazi ideologist among other important functions), Hans Frank (Reichsminister without portfolio, head of the National Socialist Jurists Association and President of the Academy of German Law.), , Gottfried Feder (main author of the “25 points” program of the Nazi Party and its key economic theoretician) and, of course, Dietrich Eckart (Adolf Hitler’s political mentor and imagemaker) and others.

But probably the most significant (and the most mysterious) exploits of the Thule Society was the transfiguration of Adolf Hitler from essentially nobody, outcast, misfit, hopeless loser into one of the most (if not the most) powerful, accomplished and influential orators, political entrepreneurs and statesmen of the XX century (if not in the whole modern history).

Who were the real founders and principals of the Thule Society (clownish von Sebottendorff was obviously just a figurehead, a “public face” of the groups)? Again, we do not know – and we will most likely never know.

There is some speculation that the Thule Society was a tool (and a front of sorts) of the even more mysterious Vril Society. However, there is little (if any) evidence for that and even the very existence of the latter is questionable.

All we know is that the real founders of the Thule Society were very well-connected and very, very powerful – in term of political, economic and even military (paramilitary, to be more precise) power.

Why then would these highly powerful and well-connected Great Unknowns choose still very young Heinrich Himmler (in 1920 he just turned twenty) as their alternative tool (alternative to Adolf Hitler that is).

To find the answer to this all important question, we need to understand both the fundamental objectives of the Thule Society – and its mysterious origins.

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