The Right Perspective on Heinrich Himmler and the SS (1)

To come up with the proper understanding of Heinrich Himmler (i.e. to find out the Truth about both) one, obviously, MUST start with finding the proper perspective on both. In other words, view, study and analyze both (the reality was that Himmler was the SS and the SS was Himmler) from exactly the right angle.

Unfortunately, none of the historians to my knowledge (whether “professional” or “amateur”, “mainstream” or “revisionist”, anti-Nazi or pro-Nazi, etc.) found this (highly elusive, I must admit) perspective. I am talking about more or less genuine historians, not “conspiracy nuts” or writers of fiction (disguised as non-fiction history books).

For a very simple reason – they consciously or unconsciously ignore a well-established (whether they want it or not, whether they like it or not) historical fact. And the fact is that Adolf Hitler as a political leader and statesman (more precisely, a political entrepreneur), the Nazi Party (NSDAP) and (indirectly) the Nazi State (the Führerstaat) were created by a pretty mysterious Thule Society.

In other words, without the absolutely vital support of the latter there would have been no NSDAP (its predecessor – DAP – was all but explicitly created by the Thule Society), no Third Reich (Nazi Germany)… and no Adolf Hitler as one of the greatest (not necessarily in the positive sense) political leaders and statesmen of the XX century (if not of modern – or even the whole – human history).

Moreover, there is a circumstantial evidence that proves (IMHO beyond the reasonable doubt) that sometime during the summer of 1919, Adolf Hitler underwent a genuine transfiguration (in other words, more than just a transformation).

From a genuinely nobody, a loser, a misfit (outcast even) he all of a sudden became the greatest orator in modern times and one of the greatest (if not the greatest) political entrepreneurs of the XX century (if not of the whole modern history).

It appears (no other explanation comes to mind – so dramatic was this transfiguration) that this radical change was performed by Thule magicians (real magicians, no doubt about that). Who used still unknown to us (i.e., top secret) magical tools and technologies.

After this transfiguration, Adolf Hitler (predictably) became the Der Führer who tolerated no “masters”. Hence, it is no surprise at all that within just a few months after joining the DAP (in early 1920), he severed all links between DAP and the Thule Society (he was never a member himself and never attended even one of the Society meetings – at least not officially).

But he went much further than that. After he obtained the (almost) dictatorial powers in Germany, Hitler moved to suppress all esoteric organizations (including völkisch occultists such as the Thule Society).

The book by Rudolf von Sebottendorf – the official founder of the Thule Society (Bevor Hitler kam – Before Hitler Came) where he pretty much told the truth about how Thule created both DAP and Adolf Hitler and made them so powerful – was prohibited. Sebottendorf was arrested and imprisoned for a short period in 1934, afterwards departing into exile in Turkey.

By that time, according to official records, the Thule Society had been already dissolved (sometime around 1925 – the year when the SS was formed). However, it is very hard (impossible actually) to believe that such a powerful entity (the Thule Society was the most powerful occult organization in human history by far – judging by its achievements) would simply fade into oblivion (into the dustbin of history, if you will).

A far more realistic theory is that despite being flatly and ruthlessly discarded by Adolf Hitler (like a used up tool), the Thule Society found a new key instrument for their highly ambitious project.

Heinrich Himmler.

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