The Rock-Solid Logic of Himmler’s Life (1)

At least half a dozen biographies of Heinrich Himmler were written by major (high-caliber) historians, dozens more – by smaller-caliber professional historians and probably hundreds (at least) by amateur ones.

And still no one even seriously tried to explain how a mild-mannered boy from a conservative middle-class Bavarian Catholic family became the SS Reichsfuhrer – the father and the architect of one of the most unique, criminal and murderous organizations in human history; the second most powerful individual in the Third Reich (also a unique and possibly the most complex civilization in human history); the one who in cold blood ordered the extermination of millions and millions of human beings (thus becoming one of the worst criminals in the history of mankind).

This abject failure of historians (both “mainstream” and “revisionist”) is no surprise whatsoever. For three primary reasons – (1) they analyze Himmler’s life in exactly the wrong way; (2) they paid far too much attention to what Himmler wrote and said in private; and (3) they all but completely ignore the spiritual side of Heinrich Himmler.

Another deficiency of just about all biographies of Heinrich Himmler (which is actually very much relevant to understanding their protagonist) is that their authors do not even attempt to question the official version of his death. It is surprising because every competent coroner (medical examiner) will in no time discover that this official version is not supported by hard evidence… or common sense for that matter.

To understand Heinrich Himmler, you have to start not with his childhood (as just about every historian does), but with the pinnacle of his career at the very end of the war – and work backwards.

It is a well-established fact that many individuals write diaries and letters and engage in private conversations not to reveal, but to conceal their true feelings, desires, thoughts, objectives, etc.

Heinrich Himmler was a highly secretive individual (to put it mildly) – which is an absolute must for everyone who wants to achieve something genuinely significant in politics or government service (especially when one is in charge of police business – political and criminal).

Being secretive is a trait that gets developed at a very early age; consequently, trying to uncover the “true Heinrich Himmler” from his diaries, letters, private conversations, etc. is an exercise in futility.

This truth can be obtained (“mined”) only from his decisions, actions and orders (i.e. from what he did or ordered to be done) and (to a somewhat lesser extent) from his public speeches (i.e. to Party members and officials, SS officers and generals, etc.).

And, finally, to properly understand Heinrich Himmler, we must acknowledge, accept and understand his spiritual side. Which includes his obvious paranormal (psychic, supernatural) capabilities. Which to a very significant extent determined who he was, what he wanted to achieve and what he did to achieve his objectives.

Oh, and his alleged suicide, of course, must be properly investigated as any other suspicious death. And as in any such investigation, nothing should be ever accepted at face value (in other words, this investigation must be carried out under the motto “Doubt Everything!”).

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