Why Does the World Need another Holocaust Book

Thousands and thousands of books on The Holocaust have been printed and published (and self-published) – on paper and (especially) electronically. Why then the world does need (and it does need) another book on this definitely the most extensively studied and researched genocide in human history?

For two reasons primarily. First, despite the availability of all these books (some of which are really excellent), we still do not know exactly why the Nazis did what they did and when they did it. In other words, why exactly did they commit this in many aspects the most horrible genocide in human history during that very specific time period (1941-45)?

Second, none of (at least more or less well-known books on The Holocaust) are written from the correct perspective – with disastrous consequences (i.e. proliferation of the “Holocaust denial”).

All “mainstream” books on The Holocaust are written… well, just like all other “mainstream” books on the Third Reich. As anti-Nazi propaganda pieces. Cut and dry, plain and simple, loud and clear.

Not surprisingly, at some point it immediately triggered a backlash – the so-called “Holocaust revisionism”. Which is another kind of propaganda (much, much worse than the “official” one). The neo-Nazi, anti-Semitic, Judeophobic propaganda.

“Mainstream” historians, alas, forget one fundamental truth: The Holocaust was a crime. A monstrous crime, sure – and very probably the worst such crime in human history.

But still a crime. Nothing more, nothing less. Hence, it must be investigated (yes, investigated) as a crime – and, consequently, any book on the Holocaust that pretends to be comprehensive, MUST be written as a true crime book.

And given the proliferation of the “creations” of the so-called “Holocaust revisionists”, it is much better to go beyond the simple “true crime” approach. And write this book as an indictment.

An indictment that proves every statement it makes (including the numbers) beyond the reasonable doubt to objective, impartial and fair “jury of the peers”.

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