Did The Holocaust Really Happen?

There is nothing wrong with this question per se as it is completely natural (prior to investigating a crime – especially such a serious one as genocide) to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the crime in question really happen.

Probably the most fundamental deficiency of all “mainstream” (“orthodox”) books on The Holocaust is that none of their authors bothers to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that this monstrous crime has, indeed, been committed.

Immediately (right then and there) creating an opportunity for so-called “Holocaust deniers” to preach their “anti-Semitic sermon” (i.e. engaging in blatant Judeophobic and neo-Nazi propaganda). By claiming either that the magnitude of crime was nowhere near the one declared by the “orthodox” historians… or that n crime had been committed at all.

Which is a great same because in reality it is quite easy to prove beyond the reasonable doubt that The Holocaust did happen – and happened exactly the way the “mainstream” (“orthodox”) historians say it happened.

All they need to do is to demand that their opponents (i.e. “Holocaust deniers”) approach the issue in a professional way – as historians-detectives (or detective-historians). They are investigating a crime, after all.

A competent homicide detective (1) collects ALL information/knowledge related to the murder case in question; (2) carefully organizes/structures this information; (3) diligently and objectively studies it; and (4) delivers his or her verdict – whether the crime was, indeed, committed and who were the murderers.

In the case of The Holocaust the relevant information/knowledge is everything related to Nazi policies (i.e. practical decisions and actions) towards the Jews. Including physical evidence, documents, testimonies of witnesses, alleged victims and alleged perpetrators…in short, everything.

There are only two “ex ante” hypotheses on the Holocaust issue – either it did happen as the “orthodox” historians claim or it did not. In the latter case the whole thing is just one enormous, colossal, mammoth, gargantuan fabrication planned and executed by some individuals and organizations.

After carefully studying this “body of evidence” (“convergence”, “totality” and even “synergy” of evidence actually) any objective, impartial, honest and diligent scholar (and detective) will inevitably conclude that it fits only one “ex ante” hypothesis – that The Holocaust did happen and happened exactly the way the “mainstream” historians claim.

More specifically, that:

  1. The number of Holocaust victims was within the range between 5 to 6 million (my estimate is on the lower side)
  2. The Nazi leaders (more specifically, Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler and Hermann Göring aided and abetted by Reinhard Heydrich – the true Architect of the Holocaust) sometime in late summer – early fall of 1941 made the decision to physically exterminate all Jews of Europe (all 11 million of them) and assigned this murderous project to the SS
  3. The SS and RSHA leaders (i.e. Himmler and Heydrich) ordered the Einsatzgruppen operating on the Nazi-occupied territories of the Soviet Union to murder by shooting ultimately all Jews in the “responsibility areas” of the EG in question (ultimately about 1.3 million Jews were murdered)
  4. The SS created the “extermination infrastructure” by building four dedicated death camps (Chelmno, Belzec, Treblinka and Sobibor) and equipping two labor camps (Auschwitz-Birkenau and Majdanek) with extermination facilities (gas chambers) and crematoria and used it to murder about 2.5 million Jews from all over Europe (by gassing, shooting, working to death, etc.)
  5. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered by Nazi collaborators in occupied territories (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, etc.), puppet regimes (i.e. Croatia) and by Nazi allies (i.e. Romania)

Now let’s provide sufficient incontrovertible proof of “all of the above”

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