The Fundamental Objectives of Heinrich Himmler (1)

121464Though some “psychics” claim otherwise, it is, alas, impossible to “read the minds” of even the living human beings in flesh and blood (let alone of the souls of the deceased individuals such as Heinrich Himmler).

Consequently, we have no other choice but to deduce the fundamental political and ideological objectives of Heinrich Luitpold Himmler from what he did, how he did it and what he achieved.

Not from what he said (and even from what he wrote) as Himmler was the Gross Master of deceit, deception and disguise – these skills came with his job (i.e., with his position in a highly complex hierarchy of the Third Reich).

Himmler’s decisions, actions and achievements during his tenure as the SS-Reichsfuhrer demonstrate (IMHO, beyond the reasonable doubt) that he had the following fundamental political and ideological objectives:

  1. Acquire the absolute power in the Third Reich (in other words, not only replace Adolf Hitler as Der Führer, but expand the powers of this office beyond any limits – similar to what Joseph Stalin achieved in the Soviet Union)
  2. Replace Hitler’s Führerstaat with Himmler’s SS-Staat – a far more efficient, resilient and durable political and government system (unlike the former, the latter could last a thousand years – and even more)
  3. Replace “Hitler’s Reich” with “Himmler’s Reich” (the Fourth Reich, if you will)
  4. Replace Christianity with the neo-paganism as the official state religion
  5. Transform Aryans into genuine Übermenschen (and Über-Frauen)
  6. Physically eliminate all “social undesirables” (incurably mentally and physically sick, homosexuals, criminals, etc.) – as part of achieving the previous objective
  7. Replace the “Old Elite” (i.e., traditional/hereditary aristocracy) with the “New Elite”– based not only on blood, but also on talents, loyalty and other merits
  8. Achieve high fertility rates among all Aryans (not just Germans) and thus facilitate the rapid numerical expansion of the Aryan (Master) Race
  9. Acquire and subsequently colonize sufficient Lebensraum (“living space”) to support the comfortable lifestyle of all Aryans and their self-sufficiency
  10. “Pacify” the conquered nations and then make them slaves of the Aryans
  11. Physically exterminate the Jews – the adversaries of Germans (and other Aryans) in the existential “racial war”


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