How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (4)

Now how can we save the Western (and thus the whole human) civilization from a very real Hell on Earth? The answer is simple – by doing away with the “representative democracy” (which is not a democracy at all, but parliamentarism – a wholly different political animal) and replacing it with the direct democracy. Direct electronic democracy, to be more precise, as we now live in the “electronic society” (“electronic/online community”).

Let’s again start with the very basics. In this life, a human being has but one objective – genuine happiness. In practical terms, it means that to be genuinely happy, an individual must satisfy his or her aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – according to Maslow’s hierarchy.

The fundamental problem is that very few individuals can identify their genuine needs (proven beyond the reasonable doubt by the proliferation of self-help books, blogs, gurus, seminars, videos and the like). And the “democratic” politicians and government officials are of little (if any) help.

Fortunately, there is a solution (actually, THE solution) to this genuinely existential problem. And this solution has been around for millennia – until about a century ago the “victorious liberals” pushed this solution to the sidelines (margins) of Western society.

This solution was (not surprisingly) the elite. The elite of the society, nation, people, country… the whole Western civilization. Or of any civilization, for that matter. The aristocracy, if you will.

For millennia (actually, from the dawn of human civilization) the elite identified (or determined, if you prefer) the genuine needs of the society, nation, people and country in question and then (1) satisfied them by providing the required service; and (2) built the infrastructure for these needs to be satisfied by… other actors (individuals and organizations).

Thus generating financial, functional, emotional and spiritual value for its constituents. True, the elite itself (or the elites themselves, of you prefer plural) was highly imperfect (to put it mildly) but all attempts to away with the elites (traditional elites, to be more precise) ended in genuine horror.

Great French Revolution (and subsequent Great French Massacre), the Russian Revolution of 1917, the Maoist “cultural revolution”, Khmer Rouge cannibals in Cambodia are just a few examples of what happens when the ruling elite is overthrown and sidelined.

Consequently, to solve the abovementioned problem of identifying and satisfying the genuine needs of general public (and thus making the citizens of the Western Civilization genuinely happy), the West must restore its ruling elites (which still exist, by the way, but has been kept on the margins of society by the liberals).

Obviously, adapting these elites to the realities of the modern world (that during the past century changed radically – to put it mildly). First and foremost, membership in the “New Aristocracy” must be based on merit, not genetics.

In other words, the “New Aristocracy” must become (and always remain) a genuine meritocracy. Based on brains and balls, not on blood. And, of course, it must be completely transparent to the general public (via Internet, social networks and other modern e-technologies).

In other words, every citizen will be able to see who in the elites is doing what, when, how and why. And how and why the “aristocrat” in question was accepted into the New Elite in the first place.

These New Elites (possibly based on radically reformed SS structures, systems, processes and principles) will (1) identify genuine needs of the Western population – using Big Data, Data/Knowledge Mining, Artificial Intelligence and other modern information & knowledge management technologies; (2) develop plans, projects, processes and structures to satisfy these needs, bringing together government entities, businesses, non-profits, etc.; and (3) provide government entities and other organizations with the most qualifies personnel.

Using, of course, the appropriate software – Direct Democracy Portal (DDP), Comprehensive Objects Management Systems (COMS) for government entities, businesses, non-profits and other organizations – and the so-called Weltkontrolle software.

Weltkontrolle because this “New Aristocracy” will ultimately manage the whole Western civilization and by extension – the whole modern world (to save the latter from falling into the abyss of chaos and insanity – and thus from being transformed into a genuine Hell on Earth).


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