How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (3)

Another genuinely murderous problem of “representative democracy” (i.e., parliamentarism) is that the “democratic politicians” do not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about the aggregate needs of the voters (constituents).

All they care about is (1) to get elected; (2) maintain power during their term in office – i.e. avoid “unscheduled elections”; and (3) gets re-elected. When a country is run by a coalition government (which happens more and more often – one way or the other) maintaining power requires satisfying the wants desires (not necessarily the desires) of coalition partners – not the voters.

And as elections are getting more and more expensive (currently the bill runs at tens and often hundreds of millions of dollars, euros, etc.) politicians are far more concerned about satisfying the wants and desires (again, not necessarily the needs) of “special interest groups” (i.e. rich and famous) and the media (“the fourth power”) than those of the general population (constituents/voters).

One of the most fundamental liberal delusions is that the “general public” (i.e. “common folks”) can (1) identify their genuine aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual according to Maslow’s hierarchy; (2) verbalize and communicate them to their “representatives” – i.e. to leaders and officials of political parties; and (3) force the latter – when they are elected – to satisfy their aggregate needs and to create the necessary infrastructure for these needs to be satisfied (if the needs in question must be satisfied by someone other than the government).

In reality, the common folk can do none of the above. They do not have the education, training and experience (and often, alas, intellectual capabilities) to identify their genuine aggregate needs – let alone to verbalize and communicate the latter to members of political parties.

And going to the polls once in 4-5 years is not nearly an efficient mechanism for forcing the politicians to satisfy the genuine needs of their constituents. For a very simple reasons – the “general public” is easily manipulated by politicians themselves (who are very adept in this art) as well as by mass media and social networks (ditto).

As the result, the current breed of politicians (this has been actually going on for decades) got extremely skilled in getting elected, clinging to power and getting re-elected… and totally incompetent in even identifying (let alone satisfying) the genuine needs of their constituents.

But it gets worse. Much worse. Because these politicians – and the government officials (who have been conditioned to satisfy the whims of elected “representatives”) – are totally incompetent in dealing with the challenges of today’s fast-paced and increasingly chaotic world.

Especially during the times of crisis (which has been proven beyond reasonable doubt by global COVID psychosis). Which means that sooner or later (rather sooner than later, actually) the “democratic” politicians and government officials will inevitably make genuinely suicidal decisions.

And act on these decisions. Maybe they already have – the jury is still out on global consequences of their idiotic “anti-virus” measures – “social distancing”, “masks & gloves”, etc., etc.

These decisions and actions will inevitably destroy Western societies, nations, countries and the whole Western Civilization (and thus the whole human civilization). Plunging all of the above into the abyss of chaos and insanity – and thus transforming our world into a very real Hell on Earth.


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