How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (2)

Now let’s dig a little deeper. For starters, the so-called “liberal representative democracy” is not a democracy at all. Why? Because democracy, by definition, is the power of the majority – and the “representative democracy” is nothing of that sort.

Indeed, roughly about half of Westerners eligible to vote, do not do so – because they (correctly) feel that the political parties in existence in their country to not serve their interests. Consequently, the parties that participate in parliamentary elections (at any level) typically represent roughly 50% of the voters.

Then there is such a thing as the “entry barrier” (a political party must get more than a certain share of the votes to enter the parliament in question – usually 5%). Which in practice means that parties that get seats in the parliament, represent 40% of the population (the minority!!!) at best.

Political field is typically so divided (or even fragmented) that the “winners” rarely obtain more than 60% of the seats in the parliament. Consequently, the government formed by these “winners” typically represents 20-25% of the voters. A medium-size minority. Which means that the “liberal representative democracy” in reality is not a democracy at all – but a parliamentarism. A wholly different political and government system


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