How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: COVID psychosis

In crisis management, there are several fundamental, critical, vital and often even existential rules. Rules which must be followed at all times – and at all cost. First, there can be no ideology (or even morals) in crisis management – ALL decisions MUST be made solely on irrefutable facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense.

Second, one must always make sure that the “medicine” must not be worse than the “disease” (sometimes literally). Third, one should ALWAYS consider and thoroughly evaluate the “do nothing” option.

Fourth, you never ever succumb to panic – because it is destructive and disastrous at best and murderous (and suicidal) at worst. And, finally, in crisis management you NEVER choose the “highest good” – you always choose the lesser evil.

Unfortunately, all these existentially important rules were broken (actually, ignored) by liberal Western governments – with predictable (and disastrous) results. Murderous and suicidal results, actually.

By far the worst crime committed by Western liberal governments (and yes, it was a heinous crime against humanity) was that they not just allowed mass media, social networks and so-called “influencers” spread the (totally unfounded) COVID panic but actively promoted and fueled this global psychosis by irresponsible (and grossly incorrect) statements, claims and announcements.

And as every competent and experienced crisis manager would confirm, in any crisis panic (let alone psychosis) is far worse than anything else. And that we always literally have nothing to fear but fear itself.

Liberal governments were guided and driven not by facts, logic and common sense (as they should have been) but by liberal ideology (“liberal morals”). Which completely blinded them to facts (i.e. the reality) about not just COVID, but individual and social psychology. And social systems behavior, of course. With predictable – and devastating – results.

And these facts are as eye-opening as they are merciless. First, at least 80% of individuals infected by COVID, are asymptomatic. In other words, they do not even notice (let alone feel) the infection. 10-15% get only mild symptoms – just about identical to a common cold (or a “regular”) flu.

Only 5-10% get serious (i.e. painful and uncomfortable) symptoms resulting in temporary disability. Similar to severe cases of flu or pneumonia. However, if treated properly (exclusively by immune-boosting remedies as there is still no cure for COVID), almost all patients successfully recover – with no long-term damage to their health.

Mortality rate (ration of those who die from COVID to those infected by the virus) has been found to be many times LOWER than that of the common flu (less than 0.1% versus 0.3-0.4%).

And that even if one takes the official death toll at face value – which is not a good idea actually. First, the general state of panic, hysteria and psychosis (and yes, we have a global pandemic of COVID-psychosis – not the first such psychosis in human history, actually) inevitably causes doctors to overestimate the death toll (every competent coroner will confirm that determining the precise cause of death is not always an exact science).

And second, when every government offers generous financial payouts to doctors, hospitals and victims of COVID (and it does), you inevitably get fraud – often on a massive scales (e.g. in Italy, Russia, etc.). Which means that the official COVID death toll is much higher than a real one (in some cases, by an order of magnitude and even more).

The second horrendous crime against humanity (again, it was a horrendous crime) committed by the Western liberal governments are the murderous (and even suicidal) anti-virus measures (“social distancing”, masks & gloves, etc.).

Why it was (and still is) a horrendous crime? Because none of the Western governments bothered to research and evaluate the devastating (actually, literally murderous) effect of these measures not only on the economy, but on the individual human beings, communities, societies, nations, states, countries and the whole Western and human civilization.

A murderous synergy of (1) COVID hysteria, panic, and psychosis spread by the irresponsible and incompetent media, government officials and so-called “experts”; (2) “social distancing” that basically kills human interaction; and (3) idiotic and totally useless masks & gloves (initially even the World Health Organization declared them as such) very literally infects at least the “critical mass” (more likely, the overwhelming majority) of the citizens of the Western population with PTSD.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder that is. Thus destroying the mental health of the whole population. For good. That’s the price the society pays… no, not to save thousands of lives. The truth is that COVID kills almost exclusively fundamentally sick individuals who would have died anyway in a few months (if not weeks).

Hence, the Western governments are destroying the mental health of ALL of its constituents… to artificially prolong lives of a very small percentage of the population for a few months (if not weeks). Indeed, this is a horrible crime against humanity.

But it gets worse. Much worse, in fact. Because this PTSD pandemics will inevitably kill the Western civilization as we know it. Why? Because an individual suffering from PTSD, simply CAN NOT go back to the “pre-PTSD” world (as in his or her mind this world is forever associated with trauma that caused PTSD in the first place).

Consequently, in no time this murderous synergy will create a “critical mass” of “PTSD-infected” individuals. Who will begin destroying the Western civilization as we know it (that’s exactly what is already happening in the USA, by the way).

The specific excuse is not important (it could be anything), but the root cause will be the mental incompatibility between victims of PTSD and the “world BCE”. Before Coronavirus Pandemic that is. Which will inevitably plunge our world into the abyss of insanity and chaos. And thus into a very real Hell on Earth.

What the Western governments should have done instead? First, they should have told their constituents the truth. The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Even though the truth is highly uncomfortable, sad and even painful (as it is in the case of COVID-19 crisis).

Starting with the irrefutable fact that their responsibility as the governing individuals is to defend and protect the whole population, community, society, state, nation and country – if necessary, sacrificing a small number of individual lives. In other words, to choose the lesser evil.

Second, they should have informed their constituents about their decisions and actions (i.e., what they will be doing) and explained why. Including telling the truth about COVID, of course.

Third, they should have declared a very limited state of emergency. Which would have allowed civilian government to mobilize and use the serious                        resources of the armed forces and gendarmerie (National Guard) to set up a system of military-run provisional and makeshift hospitals for caring for the sick (i.e. hit hard by COVID).

Given the scale and magnitude of preparation for biological warfare during the Cold War, this would have covered all needs of the society in this department.

Third, they should have imposed severe restrictions on all media (censorship if you will). Including social media, of course – to prevent the spread of panic. Panic that in every crisis is far more dangerous than anything and everything else.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself” – this statement made by the great Franklin Roosevelt is even more true today (possibly even far more true) than it was in the beginning of 1933 when Roosevelt was inaugurated for the first time.

And, finally, this state of emergency would have allowed any and every government to mobilize the formidable resources of the society, state (government), nation, etc. to develop the cure and the vaccine for COVID in the shortest possible time. Just in case.

That’s exactly what Adolf Hitler would have done. And Joseph Stalin. And Benito Mussolini. And Francisco Franco. In fact, just about every dictator. Because, despite their obvious deficiencies and faults, they (unlike the liberals) did understand some very basic truths about our world.

First and foremost that (especially in the times of crisis) the interests of the community, nation, population in general and the country are far more important than interests of a tiny minority of the population. Which – if necessary – MUST be ruthlessly sacrificed to save the overwhelming majority.

Unfortunately, the liberals are conditioned and indoctrinated (programmed, if you will) in exactly the opposite way. And that’s exactly why they did what they did during the COVID crisis.

With predictable results – their decisions and actions are driving both the individual nations, peoples, states, countries and the whole Western Civilization (and thus the whole human civilization), and thus ALL human beings on Earth to a very real Hell on Earth.

Consequently, the basic survival instinct of all societies, nations, states, countries and civilizations (first and foremost, the all-important Western Civilization) not only demands, but screams that ALL governments must IMMEDIATELY do away with ALL “anti-COVID” measures. All of them. To save all of the above from the abyss of chaos and insanity – and thus from the genuine Hell on Earth.

In today’s cruel world, a responsible government of national salvation (literally) must be able to willingly sacrifice a very small share of the population (far less than 1%) to protect the society, the nation the country and the whole civilization from collapsing (and thus the remaining 99% from a very real Hell on Earth.

COVID-19 Global Psychosis proved beyond the reasonable doubt that the liberal government, the liberal system and the liberal ideology CAN NOT and will not do it.  Even if COVID-19 disaster does not destroy he Western Civilization (almost inevitably, it will), next time (i.e. when the next crisis arrives – and it inevitably will) the liberals will again focus on saving a very small number of individual lives instead of saving the whole society and population.

With a totally predictable result – a genuine Hell on Earth. Which proves beyond the reasonable doubt that liberalism is, indeed, a genuinely existential threat to Western (and thus the whole human) civilization.

And, consequently, MUST be ruthlessly annihilated. In other words, we must fight and mercilessly slay the Liberal Dragon. And make sure that it never, ever comes back from the dead.


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