How Liberalism Is Driving the World to Hell: “Democracy” (1)

Liberals worship the idols of representative (parliamentary) democracy and “separation of powers” ignoring the indisputable fact that these principles and system have been developed 250 years ago for a very different world (to put it mildly).

Since that time, our world has changed so radically that these principles and the whole liberal government system no longer work. Even worse, they become so slow, cumbersome and inefficient that they render the whole thing fundamental impotent in modern fast-paced world (especially in the times of crises such as COVID-19).

Consequently, this system of government became a genuinely existential threat to our civilization as it drives our world straight into a very real Hell on Earth.

To prove beyond the reasonable doubt that it is, indeed, the case, let’s start with the fundamentals. Every human being wants and needs to be genuinely happy; in other words, to have his or her aggregate needs satisfied. Financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – according to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs.

Hence, constituents/citizens want their government to (1) provide services that satisfy aggregate needs of the former; and (2) provide infrastructure – legal and otherwise – that would enable the citizens to satisfy their aggregate needs in the most effective and efficient way (which is also a functional service).

The “representative” (“parliamentary”) democracy works in the following manner. Political entrepreneurs create political parties (each party is ALWAYS created by one or several political entrepreneurs).

These parties compete for the seats in the parliament (local/municipal, state/provincial, national/federal or international such as European) promising voters to satisfy their aggregate needs and create the necessary infrastructure.

Parties (or, more and more commonly, political coalitions) that win the majority of the seats in the parliament in question, form the government (the “executive branch” or “executive power” of the government).

However, as the parliament has the “power of the purse” (as well as the legislative power to pass and enact laws), it pretty much determines what the government can and will do (and often even how it will do it).

The courts (the “judicial power”) resolve disputes between subjects (individuals & organizations) and makes sure that decisions and actions of individuals and organizations conform to the laws – and the laws to the “basic law” (the Constitution).

Now why this system does not work anymore? And why it drives the Western Civilization (and the whole human civilization) straight to Hell? A very real Hell on Earth…

The answer to this genuinely existential is simple and straightforward: because it creates a total unnecessary (actually, a fundamentally detrimental) legislative layer between the constituents/citizens (general population) and the executive power.

And also because the “third” (i.e. judicial) power places highly detrimental constraints on decisions and actions by the government, individuals and organizations (businesses, non-profits, etc.). Which makes the liberal-democratic system unacceptably slow, complex, cumbersome and unresponsive for the modern fast-paced world.

Consequently, this system does not satisfy (and often even does not understand) the aggregate needs of its citizens/constituents. Neither does it provide the latter with acceptable (let alone highly efficient) infrastructure.

But it gets worse. Much worse, in fact. Because this system does not react (let alone adapt) quickly and efficiently enough to the challenges of a rapidly changing environment (our world).

And, of course, it does not (because it simply can not) make the right decisions and execute them in the right (i.e. the most efficient) way during the times of crises. Which automatically dooms the system to a total collapse and disintegration, and the Western Civilization to the abyss of insanity and chaos. In other words, to a genuine Hell on Earth.


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