How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Globalization

Globalization is the natural extension of an economic principle (free trade) into a political, social and cultural realm. While free trade means integration of national economies into one seamless global market, globalization essentially means integration of all nations, peoples, countries into one seamless global civilization.

Into a global liberal civilization, of course (“the end of history” and the like). Run by the United Nations or some other similar international liberal governing body. Which makes liberalism a reincarnation of Bolshevism (which intended to destroy human civilization as we knew it and on its ruins build a global total totalitarian Bolshevist state – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

And, of course, a twin sister of Islam which also intends to destroy human civilization as we knew it and on its ruins build a global total totalitarian Muslim state – Islamic Caliphate. Which again proves beyond the reasonable doubt that liberalism is, indeed, a clear and present existential danger to human civilization.

As I have already demonstrated (again beyond the reasonable doubt), liberalism intends to dethrone the Western Civilization, in other words, make it lose its position as a dominant political, economic, financial, military, cultural, technological and ideological power in the modern world.

Which creates another existential threat to a human civilization – its descent into the abyss of chaos and insanity of an all-out war between civilizations (which are simply way to different to coexist peacefully).

After all, the idea of a “peaceful coexistence” between the “capitalism” in the West and “socialism” in the East failed miserably – the former defeated and destroyed the latter sending the loser to the dustbin of history.

To protect itself (and the whole mankind) from these two genuinely existential threats, the Western Civilization must (1) annihilate the liberal system, the liberal ideology and the whole liberal world order; (2) restore its Christian roots and its overall Western identity; and (3) recover and maintain – at all times – its dominant position in the modern world.


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