How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Consumption Equality

It is a well-known fact that liberals were (and still are) infatuated with Marxism. In fact, there were so many “useful idiots” (liberals who supported Bolsheviks) in the first half of the XX century, that at that time liberalism was, indeed, an important component of an existential threat to Western and the whole human civilization.

These days, liberals (who simply hate everyone who is rich – let alone, very rich) are obsessed with one more highly destructive idea: equality of consumption and living standards. In other words, liberals want all Westerners to have roughly similar consumption and living standards – or at least radically decrease the “wealth gap” between the rich and the poor. Just as Marxists do.

Which makes no sense at all because different individuals need very different “wealth needs”. Some (if not most) need to live a simple (and even frugal) lives – in terms of material possessions while others (especially commercial entrepreneurs) simply need to be rich (some very rich).

True, for these individuals money and everything this money can buy, is merely a byproduct of aggregate value – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual – that they generate for their stakeholders (“their neighbors”); however, this byproduct is important enough to become a powerful incentive, the necessary drive for their commercial endeavors.

By “equalizing consumption”, liberals take away this all-important incentive and thus severely hinder economic growth (not to mention making many thousands – if not millions – of individuals decidedly unhappy).

Instead, a responsible government must focus on (1) eliminating poverty – i.e. by providing EVERY citizen with a Universal Basic Income; (2) making sure no entrepreneur ever obtains power that might rival the power of the government; and (3) working with rich individuals to make sure they use their wealth for the highest common good (and to prevent them from doing serious harm to the society, nation and the country).


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