How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: “Religious Equality”

The next “sacred cow” of liberal ideology is the religious equality. Liberal ideology explicitly states that all religions are equal (by implication, equally valuable) – even those that openly preach violence against “apostates” and “infidels” (i.e. Islam).

Atheism (though implicit), materialism, relativism and secularism are integral components of liberal ideology; consequently, liberalism implies (and often explicitly states) that all religions are equally wrong and (at best) useless.

Thus creating chaos in human minds, hearts and souls and ultimately isolating individuals, organizations (businesses, government entities, non-profits, etc.) and entities (villages, cities, districts, regions, states, provinces, nations/countries and unions) from the ultimate source of Divine Grace.

By isolating both individual and collective souls (egregores of organizations and entities) from the source of Divine Grace, liberalism creates an enormous void inside individual and collective souls.

Without protection from God, this void is inevitably occupied by demons of eight deadly sins – pride, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, sloth and fear – and by legions of other very nasty demons.

These demons (1) make individuals, entities and organizations deeply unhappy in this life; (2) drag human souls to Hell in the afterlife – for eternity; (3) drive individuals, entities and organizations genuinely insane; and (4) create chaos in individual lives, organizations, entities, nations, countries, human society and human civilization.

And individual and collective chaos and insanity inevitably destroy our civilization as we know it and transform our world into a very real Hell on Earth.

In reality, every religion (a system of beliefs in the supernatural) and every church are but “energy channels”. Channels that transmit into our world supernatural spiritual energies… of different kind.

Happiness is ultimately determined by the amount of divine energies – Divine Grace and its extension (vital energies Chi/Ki/Prana/Vril) in one’s soul (invisible, intangible “subtle” spiritual human bodies).

Hence, the religion that is the cleanest (in terms of absence of other, especially “dark” and thus poisonous spiritual energies) and the most powerful channel of Divine Grace and its extension is the most valuable.

It can be proven (easily and beyond the reasonable doubt) that this religion is Christianity. More specifically, its Catholic version (which makes the Holy Roman Catholic Church the most valuable Church by far). Incidentally, Catholicism is the foundation, the core, the backbone and the roots of the Western Civilization.

Consequently, the happiness-focused government (i.e. the government that focuses on genuine happiness of its citizens/constituents) simply MUST make Catholicism (or at least one of the other two Christian denominations – Protestant or Orthodox Christianity) the official state religion.

Providing it with full government support and promoting (but not forcing!) conversion of non-Christians (with the exception of Islam which is an entirely special issue).

The key problem with Islam (completely and deliberately ignored by the liberals whose primary objective is not to offend Muslims) is that it is not only a religion, but also a political ideology.

Which has an explicit objective (ironically identical to the one of Bolsheviks 100 years ago) of invading, occupying, conquering (via unrestricted immigration) and destroying the human civilization as we know it (first and foremost, the arch-rival of Islam – Christianity and the Christian Church).

And subsequently transforming our world into a global Islamic Caliphate. Which – after the Christian Church (the only defender of our civilization from the Forces of Satan) is destroyed by Muslims – will be transformed into a very real Hell on Earth. This is not an exaggeration – just look at societies that ISIS, Taliban and Iranian mullahs built.

Consequently, the survival instinct of Western and the whole human civilization demands (screams even) that Western governments MUST recognize Islam for what it is – an existential threat to Western and the whole human civilization. And treat it accordingly.


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