How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Human Rights

There is nothing wrong with the idea of human rights and fundamental freedoms as human beings do have certain unalienable rights and need to enjoy certain basic freedoms.

Unfortunately, liberals severely misunderstand the nature and system (yes, it is a system) of human rights and take this concept to such an extreme that it literally tears apart he fabric of the community, society, nation, state, government and ultimately destroys the whole human civilization.

Which transforms our world into a very real Hell on Earth and thus robs the citizens of the very rights and freedoms that liberals vowed to protect and defend at all costs.

In reality, any and every human being has but one unalienable right – to be genuinely happy. The right to genuine happiness, in other words. And as to be genuinely happy means to satisfy one’s genuine aggregate needs – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual according to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs (including the need for self-transcendence), the only fundamental freedom is freedom to satisfy his or her genuine needs. Not perceived (and unlimited) wants and desires, but real, genuine NEEDS.

Consequently, all other “traditional” human rights and freedoms (speech, media, assembly, political activity, etc.) must be viewed from but one perspective – how they contribute to genuine human happiness. In more practical terms, how they create aggregate value to human beings – financial, functional, emotional and spiritual. And implemented accordingly.

Happiness is ultimately determined by the amount of Divine Grace and its extension (vital energy of Chi/Ki/Vril) in a human soul. Therefore, the fundamental human right is the right and freedom to accumulate the “critical mass” of these vital energy in one’s soul (invisible, intangible “subtle” human bodies).

By preaching the “Gospel of Materialism” as well as of relativism, atheism and secularism, liberalism isolates human beings from the source of these energies thus violating the most fundamental human right.

Even worse, by isolating both individual and collective souls (egregores of organizations and entities) from the source of Divine Grace, liberalism creates an enormous void inside individual and collective souls.

Without protection from God, this void is inevitably occupied by demons of eight deadly sins – pride, lust, greed, gluttony, envy, wrath, sloth and fear – and by legions of other very nasty demons.

These demons (1) make individuals, entities and organizations deeply unhappy in this life; (2) drag human souls to Hell in the afterlife – for eternity; (3) drive individuals, entities and organizations genuinely insane; and (4) create chaos in individual lives, organizations, entities, nations, countries, human society and human civilization.

And individual and collective chaos and insanity inevitably destroy our civilization as we know it and transform our world into a very real Hell on Earth.


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