How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: “Gender Equality”

The idea of equality is one of the cornerstones of liberal ideology. Some kinds of equality are natural and make complete sense – such as equal treatment in legal proceedings (regardless of race, nationality, religion, genders, etc.), in the workplace, in education, etc.

Unfortunately, liberals took the basically noble idea of equality to such extremes that it began to literally tear apart the fabric of human society, ultimately destroying communities, states, nations (people), countries and the whole human civilization as we know it. Thus transforming our world into a very real Hell on Earth.

Let’s start with so-called gender equality. Liberals claim that functions of a man and a woman in a human society are identical and thus a man and a woman MUST be completely equal in all respects.

Which is a total BS (pardon my French). The natural function of a woman (i.e. according to the Natural Law) is to be a wife and a mother of at least two (and preferably three) children.

Only by being a wife and a mother a woman can be genuinely happy – this is the fundamental truth of a female psychology. The function of a man is (no less obviously) to provide for and support his wife and mother of his children. Financially, functionally, emotionally and spiritually.

Obviously, the government MUST provide comprehensive support for a family (not for an individual but for a family!). Helping a woman pursue a successful career (modern e-technologies make it possible to work from home – and highly efficiently); doing away with domestic violence (by both genders), school bullying, drug and alcohol abuse, common and organized crime, etc.

“Gender equality” (i.e. radical feminism) delivered a devastating (and potentially lethal) blow to Western civilization (not to mention making tens of millions of women thoroughly unhappy).

It all but destroyed the family, and plunged fertility rates below the replacement levels. As the result, the Western Civilization is very literally committing suicide by dying out. And as the West is the foundation, the core, the backbone of the whole human civilization, its demise will inevitably lead to the collapse and destruction of the whole human civilization. Which will then in no time be transformed into a very real Hell on Earth.


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