How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: “Rule of Law”

One of the key principles of liberalism is the so-called “Rule of Law”. In practice, it means that the fundamental objective of any government at any level is not making its constituents genuinely happy (as it should have been) but abiding by the law.

Which is idolatry – plain and simple. Instead of serving their constituents (as they should), the liberal governments serve the Idol of Law. The idol (more specifically, the whole law enforcement system – especially the courts) which is intrinsically insufficiently flexible, adaptable and agile for modern fast-paced world.

It is a fact of life that any system (including human organizations, nations, countries, societies and the whole human civilization) will either adapt to inevitable changes in its environment – or collapse and cease to exist.

The “Rule of Law” prevents all of the above (by slowing them down to snail’s pace) from adapting in time to the changes in the environment and thus makes this collapse inevitable. Collapse into chaos, to be more precise. Which automatically transforms our world (i.e. the whole human civilization) into a very real Hell on Earth.

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