How Liberalism Drives the World to Hell: Consumerism

ConsumerismConsumerism is by far the most visible and tangible proof that liberalism is, indeed, an existential threat to human civilization (and does, indeed, drive our world to a very real Hell). By definition, consumerism is an ideology that encourages the acquisition of goods and services in ever-increasing amounts.

Consumerism is the inevitable consequence of materialism – its inescapable offspring, if you will. Which makes complete sense, actually – for the following fundamental reason.

A human life has but one objective – happiness (if we are talking about “this life”, not an afterlife, where salvation is the fundamental objective). And happiness is determined solely by the amount of Divine Grace (and its extension – the “vital energy” Chi/Qi/Vril) in a human soul (six “subtle”, invisible, intangible human bodies).

Materialism (a key component of liberal ideology) by its very nature blocks access both to Divine Grace and these vital energies; consequently, a human being is simply forced to search for them in the material world – by creating something of value (first and foremost, of spiritual value) and by consuming products and services.

Unfortunately, very few individuals are capable of creating something of significant value (especially of spiritual value) – and liberalism actively discourages event thinking about anything spiritual (considering the latter a mortal danger to their cherished materialism).

Consequently, just about everybody in the “liberal world” (with very few exceptions) searches for vital energies (i.e. for spiritual value) in tangible goods and “intangible” services.

Which is, obviously, an exercise in futility as none of goods or services provided in (i.e. by) liberal materialistic world possesses any significant spiritual value. Significant meaning their ability to satisfy the spiritual needs of a human being.

Hence, a human being is simply forced (by his or her spiritual/energy needs) to procure and consume goods and services in ever-increasing amounts and quantities. Which, given the limited natural resources required to produce these goods and services inevitably leads to the destruction of our environment (i.e. of our planet).

Which, in turn, will inevitably lead to a very real Hell on Earth…


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