How the Corona-Insanity Will End

The mighty (almost almighty, actually) survival instinct of the Western Civilization has been triggered. How and by whom – does not matter. The only thing that matters that it is now operational. And already operates at full power. Worldwide.

It works – first and foremost – as Weckruf. A wake-up call for the whole Western civilization. A wake-up call to the grave (literally) reality of the existential threat of insane and suicidal “social distancing” and all other “anti-pandemic” measures.

Threat to the very existence of the Western Civilization (and thus of the whole human civilization) as we know it. Contrary to blatant lies spread by the media, COVID-19 is NOT an existential threat to the human civilization (it is barely a threat at all). Social distancing is.

This survival instinct will trigger the Avalanche, the Wildfire, the Chain Reaction that will do away not only with all this insane “corona-panic” but with the whole “liberal system”. It will completely destroy, wipe out, burn down and bury the whole “liberal world order” (which went insane long before the COVID-19 “pandemic”).

In the physical world, it will all start with just one letter. Or with just one article in just one… whatever. Or with just one blog post. Or with just one post on Facebook. Or on LinkedIn. Or on some other social network. Or with some other piece of content. And, of course, with just one individual.

Target Zero.

The target receives the letter (let’s suppose, it will start with a letter from… it does not matter, really) and immediately recognizes that it is vitally important to him or her. And thus must be opened and read (studied, actually) immediately. Right away.

So the target immediately opens up and reads the letter. This letter – aided and abetted by the all but almighty survival instinct of the Western Civilization (and of the corresponding city/state/province/country) becomes a genuine Weckruf (a wake-up call) for the target.

He or she immediately recognizes that his city, his state, his country, Europe and the whole Western Civilization (in fact, the whole human civilization) face a genuinely existential threat. Corona-panic caused by very real (in medical and psychiatric terms) corona-psychosis.

To his horror, the target immediately understands (wakes up to the reality) that this threat is genuinely existential; in other words, if not eliminated immediately, it would in no time destroy the whole human civilization as we know it.

Worse, this corona-panic (and the activities caused by it) will transform our world in a very literal Hell on Earth. By making just about all population go genuinely insane. Lose their minds – completely and irreversibly.

The target gets sufficiently scared (this letter will literally scare the Hell out of him or her) to make fighting this very much existential threat his or her #1 priority. Which will make the target a loyal, dedicated and highly efficient soldier of the Western Civilization in no time.

The target will immediately forward this letter to all his/her online contacts, post it on his/her blogs social networks pages (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.), in his or her blogs… in short, everywhere.

Which will start a global chain reaction. Wildfire. Avalanche. And rather sooner than later, the critical mass of the “awakened ones” will accumulate in the Western Civilization.

And then the “Tsar-Bomb” will go off – the general public will learn (and accept) the horrible truth about the magnitude of insanity, incompetence and crimes against economy, state, society, culture, population… in short, immense crimes against humanity committed by the “corona-idiots”.

These revelations will immediately result in the worldwide resignation of all legislative, executive and judicial powers (that could have prevented this nightmare from happening – but didn’t).

And in the no less immediate formation of the National Salvation governments – and in the declaration of a state of emergency – in just about all Western (and other) nations.  Salvation from a very real Hell that is.

Although the National Salvation governments will immediately cancel all “social distancing” measures (and severely punish those responsible for them, of course), the irreparable damage has already been done.

The “world BCE” (Before Coronavirus Epidemic that is) is dead. Gone for good. The corona-panic (and insane “social distancing” measures) killed it. Hence there is no going back (to ‘AS WAS’ before the psycho-pandemic struck). We can go only forward. Forward and up – to a brave new world.

Obviously, some has to provide (1) a detailed and realistic vision of this “brave new world”; and (2) a detailed plan how to get there. Fortunately for the whole human civilization, its survival instinct guarantees that when the civilization is ready, its savior (and the one who will provide this plan will, indeed, save our world from chaos – and thus from Hell on Earth) will show up.



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